China Just Confirmed That All 132 People Aboard China Eastern Airlines Crash Are Dead


When you think about planes and flying nowadays, you’ll probably think of flight MU 5735.

And in a most recent update yesterday (26 March), it was confirmed by China’s civil aviation authority that all 132 individuals who were on flight MU 5735 have been confirmed dead.

The plane crashed into a mountainside on Monday (21 March).

Currently, rescue teams are trying to retrieve plane debris and check for signs of survivors at the forested slopes near Wuzhou, Guangxi province, while victims’ relatives have been waiting anxiously for news regarding their loved ones.

Over the past few days, search teams have been trying to find plane parts that might have been submerged in heavy mud, both by their hands and machinery.

Additionally, a Guangxi official assured the public that no key compounds from common explosives have been found in the crash debris thus far.

Hu Zhenjiang, deputy director-general of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, mentioned during a press conference, “All 123 passengers and nine crew members of flight MU5735 of China Eastern airlines have been killed on board on Mar 21.

“The identity of 120 victims has been determined by DNA identification.”

Hu and the assembled journalists at the conference then stood to observe a minute’s silence for the victims of the tragedy.

Details of Plane Crash

Currently, the cause of the plane crash is still undetermined.

However, online tracking data has revealed that prior to crashing, the Boeing 737-800 suddenly dropped from an altitude of 29,100 to 7,850 feet.

This drop in altitude occurred in just slightly over one minute.

Maybe it doesn’t seem that fast through text, but trust me, it’s fast.

Previously, it was confirmed that aviation officials were able to find a black box. According to their predictions, the black box should be the cockpit voice recorder, and it has been sent over to Beijing for experts to examine it.

The plane had two recorders on it, one in the rear passenger cabin tracking flight data, and the other being a cockpit voice recorder. The other recorder has not yet been found, but search teams are still trying to find it.

However, although the other recorder’s location is still unknown, Zhu Tao, director of the Aviation Safety Office of CAAC mentioned during a previous press conference that an emergency location transmitter from the plane that was close to where the second black box was installed has been found.


Responses to the Crash

After what has been considered to be China’s worst plane crash in almost 30 years, many aviation authorities have been trying to search for answers and causes as to why the plane crashed through going through rugged terrain at the crash sites, hoping to find signs or clues.

The crash of MU 5735 also resulted in Chinese President Xi Jinping issuing a quick public announcement, which is usually not the case. Xi ordered the authorities to conduct a probe to find out the cause of the plane crash.

Apart from that, aviation authorities have also agreed to carry out an in-depth check-up of planes in China. This check-up will take two weeks to complete.

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And this has affected industries even beyond the aviation sector as well.

For example, the State Council and Ministry of Emergency Management issued a statement on Wednesday (23 March) asking industries across the board to “rectify potential safety hazards”.


This crash will delay the Boeing 737 MAX’s return to China after plane crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia killed 346 individuals in total in 2018 and 2019.

Currently, China is the only large market where the Boeing 737 MAX has yet to be endorsed to continue operating.

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Featured Image: YouTube (The Independent) & China News