25YO Thai Actor from Popular Netflix Series The Stranded Dies in His Sleep


If you watch Thai dramas, actor Papangkorn Lerkchaleampote, more commonly known as Beam, may be a familiar face to you.

However, if you’re a fan of his, here’s a piece of bad news: The 25-year-old Thai actor recently passed away in his sleep a few days ago on 23 March.

Beam was the main lead actor in the 2019 Netflix Thai series The Stranded, which is probably the reason why most of us know him.

Apart from that, Beam also acted in the 2015 film Water Boyy, as well as the Thai series Project S.

Died During His Sleep

As reported by Bangkok Post, Beam’s mother had tried to wake her son up after entering his room on 23 March.

However, she soon realised that he was unresponsive and no longer breathing.

He was then escorted to a hospital immediately after that, but medical staff were unable to resuscitate him by the time he reached the hospital and had no choice but to pronounce him dead.

Currently, his cause of death is still unknown.

Rate of Death During Sleep in Asia

Manop Pithukpakorn, a doctor from Siriraj Hospital in Thailand, took to Facebook to describe how unexpected death during sleep is not considered uncommon in Asia, especially among young Asian men.

He also brought up the fact that a molecular autopsy could aid in determining the cause of Beam’s death.

Additionally, he also shared a photo of Beam and shared his sadness with regard to Beam’s passing.

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Following his passing, many of his fans and celebrities alike have offered their condolences and expressed their sorrow, with many of the 11,200 comments on his most recent Instagram post being “Rest in Peace” comments and comments with white and black-coloured heart emojis.

Those who posted tributes included Nadao Bangkok, a Thai artiste management agency and production house.


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They mentioned that he “would be in their memories forever”.

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