S’pore Influencer Andrea Chong, Whose Husband Is Imran Rahim, Announces Pregnancy On IG

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At least there’s been some good news for some people in 2020.

Yesterday, local influencer Andrea Chong announced on Instagram that she’s pregnant.

In the caption, Andrea reveals that she’s 20 weeks along with a boy.

Who is Andrea Chong?

If you’re like me and not very up-to-date with local influencers, don’t worry. This is a TL;DR for you.

According to this wiki, Andrea Chong (aka Drea Chong) is an influencer and professional blogger. Currently, Andrea has over 306k followers on Instagram and she also has her own YouTube channel with over 5,500 subscribers.

Over the years, Andrea has collaborated with different brands such as Superga and The Closet Lover.

The latest collaboration with Superga was sold out in minutes earlier this year.

Image: Nylon

If you like reading beauty and fashion blogs in general, perhaps you might be interested in Andrea’s.

The DC Edit, formerly known as dreachong.com, is where you’ll be able to read up on the latest beauty and fashion news. It’s a website “dedicated to the independent, the curious, and the adventurous woman”, according to its About page.

Giving Back To The Community

Apart from a busy lifestyle, Andrea also dedicates her time to giving back to the community.

In a 2018 blog post about her turning 26, Andrea writes about her involvement with the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC), Singapore Girls’ Home, and charity organisation Daughters of Tomorrow.

She also wrote that The DC Edit partnered up with community development and involvement initiatives like OrangeAid, and social enterprises like Tinkle Arts.

In December 2018, Andrea Chong and her father volunteered overseas with Operation Hope Foundation where she distributed clothing and school supplies to primary school students at a rural village in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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As we talk a lot about the season of giving and gifting on social media, I am also mindful of the fact that many – especially children – do not share the same comforts as we do back home. Access to basic things like education, clothing, and food are limited. I'm in Siem Reap with dad for some father-daughter bonding time, and I brought him along with me on an @operationhopefoundation initiative to distribute clothing and school supplies to a primary school in the rural village of Steng! We also conducted eye tests for the students, who will then be referred to an eye doctor (who was part of the contingent!) if they have suspected myopia. My experience at Steng today was as a crucial reminder to be appreciative of what I have (especially in Singapore), and to always give back when we can.

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Married To Imran Rahim

In case you didn’t know, Andrea is married to lawyer Imran Rahim.

The couple got engaged in the Maldives in August 2018.

Unfortunately for the happy couple, they were not able to hold a wedding reception due to COVID-19. She wrote that it would be postponed to the latter half of 2020.

A 34YO "old-virgin" S'porean was desperately looking for a boyfriend and surprisingly, she really found one online. But the intentions of the man will make you cry. Prepare tissue paper to watch this video based on real events:

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Dear everyone, We are very grateful for your love and support and were looking forward to celebrating our wedding together with you. However, it is with heavy hearts that we say that we will be postponing our wedding reception to the latter half of the year. We tried to see if we could still proceed and make next Saturday’s reception work, but circumstances, as they do from time to time, thwart the best of efforts. Our guests’ health and safety are our priorities and we thought that the celebrations can come at a more fitting time. We went ahead with an intimate traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony at home yesterday with our closest family members and our bridal party, and will still be solemnising our marriage next week. We ask that you shower us with your blessings, prayers, and best wishes, and we look forward to throwing one heck of a garden wedding later this year. With lots of love, Andrea and Imran (📷: Film by @thestephanielow, shot outside our home during our Tea Ceremony yesterday)

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What about her husband?

If you’re wondering why the name Imran Rahim sounds familiar, you’ve probably heard or seen his name floating online somewhere along with another familiar-sounding name: Charles Yeo.

Yeo’s Instagram, to say the least, is pretty chaotic once you start scrolling through his feed and Story highlights.

Don’t believe me? It’s a mix of videos about him talking about politics as well as his favourite hobby (most likely), gaming.

According to The Independent, Yeo had published messages that he received from more than 10 members of the public accusing Imran of sexual misconduct.

In July, a lawsuit was filed against Yeo under the Protection from Harassment Act.


The first court hearing was scheduled to be in late August but in a K-drama plot twist, both Yeo and Imran announced on their respective Instagram accounts that the matter had been “resolved amicably”.

It is understood that Imran has resigned from his law firm, Tan Kok Quan Partnership, wrote Today.

In any case, a huge congratulations to the expecting parents!

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