Another Bedbug Incident, This Time With SIA Business Class Flight

Last Updated on 2017-08-20 , 12:55 pm

What’s up with the trend on bed bugs? That time was Scoot, now SIA?

According to Stomper Yvonne, she suffered itchy bite marks after flying business class with Singapore Airlines on 26 May.

So what exactly happened? It appears that Yvonne was in a red-eye flight from Brisbane to Singapore and after waking up from her sleep, she was greeted with mysterious red bumps on her skin.


No, I’m exaggerating. This one instead.


Oh my, it looks quite bad.

But anyway, she actually approached a stewardess who attended to the matter and told her that they would file a report and give her an explanation.

But weeks past, and Yvonne grew tired of waiting. So she took it to Justice Bao… sorry, I meant Justice Public, posting about the incident on the carrier’s Facebook page.

To cut the long story short, she received a follow-up email regarding the reimbursement of her ‘basic medical fees’ but when she replied to seek further clarification, they went MIA.


It has been almost three months since the incident happened but there has been no proper closure to the matter.

In my opinion, Yvonne seems to be suffering from that emotional pain from MIA SIA (missing-in-action Singapore Airlines) and physical discomfort of being “unable to wear skirts or shorts without getting questions from friends and looks from passers-by”.

It breaks my heart to hear her final statement: “The bites may have dried but the scars may be there to stay.”


And just so you know, the bedbug horror stories don’t just have airlines as their settings. There’s allegedly a case of bedbugs in a cinema as well, but that has been dismissed by the cinema operator.

While we can’t confirm if any of the bedbugs are really coming for us in planes or cinemas, I can confirm that bedbugs are trending for us in the Internet.


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