Tall Tree Fell Onto Tampines Car Park, Crushing a Mercs & Nearly Hitting an Elderly


Enjoying the rainy weather so far?

Well, some of us are liking it more than others.

For the unfortunate owner of a Mercedes parked in Tampines, the rainy weather is probably getting under their skin.

The Fall of a Six-Storey Tall Tree

On Thursday (29 Sep) morning, a six-storey tall tree in a carpark in Tampines was uprooted after a spate of heavy rain.

Although there weren’t many cars parked there, there was one unfortunate Mercedes parked nearby.

Taken by the tree as the sole victim in this incident, the vehicle’s roof was completely crushed by the tree’s heavy branches.

Image: Shin Min Daily News 新明日报

The vehicle’s rear windshield was dented completely, with the rear bumper appearing to be falling off and the car doors bending out of shape as well.

Hopefully the owner has comprehensive car insurance.

An 70-year-old elderly woman in the area was also nearly hit by the falling tree. Fortunately, she escaped unscathed and no injuries were reported.

The woman was apparently on her way to a nearby supermarket when the tree fell.

She added that the tree fell the moment she had reached the carpark, and also speculated that if the tree had fallen just two seconds earlier, she would have been taken as a victim as well.


The fallen tree took up at least four parking lots – the danger zone’s pretty big.

The woman also noted that in the past 40 years that she has stayed in the area, this has never happened before. Paranoid, she swears never to enter the parking lot again.

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The Authorities’ Response

With the sheer size of the tree, its uprooting is bound to cause some degree of destruction to the area.

Aside from the large hole that was left in the tree’s initial place, there was mud everywhere and railings struck by the tree were bent.

I mean, it is a pretty big tree.

Image: Shin Min Daily News 新明日报

Authorities had to stay on site for five hours to clean up the aftermath of the incident.

Due to the immense size of the tree, authorities had no choice but to cut through the branches and the trunk with chainsaws in order to move it out.

The site was sealed and cranes were also brought in to lift these branches and trunks.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Shin Min Daily News 新明日报)