Australia Chilled Chicken is 1.4 Times More Expensive Than M’sia Chilled Chicken


Expect to see more chilled chickens from Australia and Thailand on supermarket shelves… as well as a higher price tag attached.

Australian Chilled Chicken More Expensive

According to Shin Min Daily News, a check at the Little Farms supermarket in Katong Point found that the boutique supermarket sold chilled chickens from Australia. This includes whole chickens as well as chicken parts, from brands such as Mount Barker.

However, when we compare the price of Australian chicken to Malaysian chicken sold on the Giant supermarket website, Australian chicken was more expensive. Specifically, every 100g of Australian chicken is about 1.4 times more expensive than Malaysian chicken.

Given the higher price point, are people willing to buy Australian chicken?

Chicken A Staple Food At Home

The people interviewed by Shin Min expressed that they would be willing to buy Australian chicken, even if it is more expensive.

One interviewee said that chicken is a basic dish at home, so they are willing to buy and try other brands of chicken even if it is more expensive.

It seems like chicken is such a staple food that Singaporeans aren’t willing to substitute it for other meats.

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Adequate Supply of Chicken

On 4 Jun 2022, Minister of State For Sustainability and Environment Desmond Tan said Singapore’s chicken supply remains stable despite Malaysia’s export ban.

Many importers have upped their supply of chilled chicken from countries like Thailand and Australia, and are sourcing frozen chicken from Brazil and the US too.

Thus, there’s no need for anyone to start hoarding chicken like how we hoarded toilet paper during circuit breaker.

Let’s leave the empty shelves in 2021, OK?

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