Ryan Tan Launched a New Travel YouTube Channel Called ‘Get Lost’


The last time that we heard from Ryan Tan was the Night Owl Cinematics saga, which was… pretty ugly.

After parting ways with NOC, it seems like Ryan is making a comeback on YouTube with a new travel channel.

‘Get Lost’ In His Travel Videos

The YouTube channel describes itself as one that provides entertainment covering comedic, lifestyle, and informative aspects.

You can expect fun and personal videos that bring you to the best places to explore, whether it be in Singapore or in other countries. The team travels around the world, “filming anything and everything with overpriced equipment”.

From the three videos uploaded so far, it seems like they’re going for both more vlog-style videos, as well as more professional, cinematic videos.

For instance, for their Sydney videos, there’s the cinematic travel film “Get Lost in Sydney”. It is not only a clever play on their channel name, but the video also features stunning shots of their travels:

They also have a second video titled “The Ultimate Sydney Travel Guide”, which is a more informal vlog detailing their trip’s highlights:

Travel Blog To Help You Plan for Your Trip

The team also has a blog on their website getlost.sg, which features articles like “5 Things We Learned in Sydney” to help you plan for your own trip there.

Image: getlost.sg

They also include the full itinerary from their own trips, so you can take reference from them as well.

Image: getlost.sg

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Already Collaborating with Companies

It seems like the channel is already reaching out and collaborating with travel-related companies, like the travel booking site Klook.

In fact, from now till 30 June 2022, you can quote ‘GETLOSTINNSW’ to get $30 off NSW activities with a minimum spend of $150. Don’t say we bojio!

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Featured Image: Facebook (Get Lost)