Australia is Closing Its Borders for All Non-Residents From 20 March, 9pm

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When talking about COVID-19, one of the few things to talk about is how people hoarding supermarket items for no good reasons.

I covered my face in shame as I watched these shameless behaviour coming out from my fellow Singaporeans until I watched the supermarket fight in Australia… over toilet paper.

Image: Twitter (Nine News Australia)

And lest you think it’s just 3 women; it seems like the people went batshit insane enough that they even trampled over a young girl, again, to buy… toilet paper.

If you’re wondering what the heck is up with toilet paper, feel free to read Experts Explain Why People Are Panic Buying Toilet Paper from Supermarkets During a ‘Disaster’, or watch this video:

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It’s got to the point that cops are now enforcing order along the toilet paper aisle.

Image: Reddit (u/MsJacq)

What a good use of taxpayers’ money.

So you’re probably wondering how bad it is in Australia that people are losing their minds over shit paper.

Here’s a graph for you to panic over, taken from ABC News Australia:

Image: ABC News Australia

Look at that exponential growth from March.

As of writing, that’s 636 cases, of which 181 are in the past 48 hours. 6 people have died. And about 80% of cases are from someone who got the virus overseas or had contact with someone who just returned from overseas.

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Considering these, it makes a lot of sense for our headlines then.

Australia is Closing Its Borders for All Non-Residents From 20 March, 9pm

Lai liao.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the travel ban on 19 March 2020. The previous ban only extended to foreign nationals from China, Iran, Italy and South Korea.

“A travel ban will be placed on all non-residents, non-Australian citizens coming to Australia, and that will be in place from 9pm tomorrow evening.”

Not that any Australian will be reading CoronaFeed Goody Feed for news, but the travel ban does not extend to Australian PRs and direct family members of Australians.

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But Australians returning home from overseas will still need to self-isolate for 14 days.

A CNA article also notes that this will push Australian into its first recession in almost 30 years.


So the big question is: how long?

I can tell you that probably nobody knows, but here are some indications.

Qantas Will Suspend All International Flights For At Least Two Months

Qantas is Australia’s biggest airline. Virgin, the other main carrier, also shut its overseas services.

In addition, two-thirds of Qantas’s employees will be put on leave and the payment of dividends, worth A$201 million, will be delayed from 9 Apr to 1 Sep.

Senior executives and the board (including chairman and CEO) will take a 100 per cent pay cut at least until the end of the financial year.


In case it’s not obvious, 2020 is a pretty bad year to travel.

No, correction: 2020 is a pretty bad year overall.