The Best Moment & Place to Watch The Moon This Lantern Festival


Mid-Autumn Festival, or more commonly known as the Mooncake Festival or the Lantern Festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar.

It happens to fall on 4 October 2017 this year.

On this day, families gather together for a time of fun, joy and reunion as they share mooncakes and Chinese teas while telling the stories of old to the children.

Some families also take the chance to enjoy the view of the full moon and take it the beautiful, serene looking moon.

But despite popular belief, the full moon isn’t on Mid-Autumn festival

The older folks may ask the younger ones to reflect on their lives and give thanks to those who have rendered them assistance at some point in their lives.

Nonetheless, it is well known that the moon is not at its fullest on the 15th day of the month. It usually reaches the fullest one or two days after the 15th day.

So, while you can still view a full moon on 4 October, it is not at its peak yet.

When is the Moon Truly a Full Moon?


According to the Timeanddate website, the full moon occurs on 6 October 2017 at 02:40hrs.

That means that if you want to see the moon at its fullest, you need to stay up on the 5th until nearly 3 am before you get to bed.

You will probably need to take an MC the next day since there is no way you can wake up in time for work.

Unless you’re used to staying up for EPL.

Well, we will advise you to enjoy the moon on the 4th and just pretend it is already the full moon though because it is a weekday and you’ll still need to go in for work the next day.

What is the Best Place to see the Moon?

We will say there isn’t a “best place” to see the moon because it will be hanging relatively low in the middle of the sky. However, we will recommend the following places because Singapore is full of bright lights and it does hinder the enjoyment of viewing the moon with the lights all over the place!

Botanic Gardens

We think that the best place to watch the moon is probably Botanic Gardens because it is relatively dark with open spaces. It is also a good place to spread a picnic mat, set up some dinner, mooncakes and Chinese tea to enjoy bonding time with your family.

East Coast Park (ECP)

ECP is yet another “darker” place where you can see the moon without too much light pollution. The convenience of having food nearby is also another plus point for ECP. At least you do not need to pack a picnic basket!

Bishan Park

Bishan Park is also a good place to watch the moon, especially if you walk all the way to the middle of the park where it has lesser light pollution from the HDB surrounding the park.


Sengkang Riverside Park

If you are staying in the Northeast, the Sengkang Riverside Park can be an alternative to Bishan Park because it also has a large open area with relatively lower light pollution.

Oh, and you’re welcome! 😉

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