Six Australian Teens from Elite Private School Caught Shoplifting in Orchard Road


There are many things that money can’t buy: happiness, friends, health, lingerie, Crocs…

Wait, lingerie and crocs? That doesn’t seem right. If I remember correctly, lingerie and Crocs can be purchased from stores. 

That’s unless you happen to be one of the students who shoplifted at Orchard Road.

Six Australian Teens from Elite Private School Caught for Shoplifting at Orchard Road

Six Australian schoolgirls have been arrested for shoplifting at Orchard Road. They reportedly stole from a Crocs store and Victoria’s Secret. 

They were here on behalf of the school’s netball team to play in a regional competition, where they would face off against Singapore Sports School and other visiting schools. 

The girls are from an elite private school, Bacchus Marsh Grammar, in Melbourne, where their parents pay upwards of AUD$13,000 (S$12,046) in school fees per annum.

For this netball tour alone, their parents were set back by around AUD$3,300 (S$3,058).

So rich already still want to steal, haiz. 

Bra Drama

CCTV footage caught the girls stealing expensive lingerie from Victoria’s secret at Orchard Road’s Mandarin Gallery

The staff immediately alerted the police and shortly after, they were detained. 

The girls were held in police custody for around 10 hours after being caught by the police but have since been released. They now have to go back and forth between the station and their hotel for questioning. 

Investigations are still ongoing. 

A Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade spokesperson said that relevant officials “are providing consular assistance to a small number of school students in Singapore.” As of now, there are no plans to bring them home early. 

Under section 379 of the Penal Code, if found guilty with the offence of shoplifting, each girl could face a jail time of up to three years and/or a fine. 

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Back in Australia

Before the trip, parents were informed that the journey would help provide their children “a cultural experience in Asia” and an “education on travel and being an elite athlete”

The school’s principal, Andrew Neal, has been notified of the incident and he has issued statement to Australian media about the school’s awareness of it.


Additionally, he has commended the Singapore’s Police Force for being “firm, fair, and thorough.” 

“The school is appreciative of their professionalism,” said Neal. 

The girls are currently under the direct care of staff from the school. Neil added that “the school would like to thank the Australian Embassy staff in Singapore for the support of our staff in Singapore and their ongoing assistance in this matter.”

He hopes that the girls can be released by Sunday (20 Nov) so that they can join the other schoolmates on the return trip. 

Moral of the story? Don’t steal.


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