Austria Going for a Full Lockdown & Making COVID-19 vaccines Compulsory

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Yes, you’re seeing the word “lockdown” again.

Austria will be going into another full lockdown starting from Monday, 22 Nov. The lockdown will be initially last for 10 days and depending on the situation, it could be extended to 20 days.

The lockdown restricts people from leaving their houses except to shop for essentials and to exercise. Students will be homeschooled and cultural events will be cancelled.

The lockdown has already begun for those who were not vaccinated or were recently cured, this time, it’s extended to everyone else.

This comes as its infections are among the highest in the continent, with a seven-day incidence of 991 per 100,000 people.

On Thursday, there were over 15,000 new cases recorded in the country with around 9 million people.

Compulsory Vaccination

Besides the lockdown, everyone in Austria is also required to get vaccinated from 1 Feb 2022.

Currently, Austria is one of the lowest vaccinated countries in Western Europe. About two-thirds of Austria’s population is fully vaccinated.

Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg stated that the persuasion tactics that happened over months were not enough to get people vaccinated. He also blamed those who refused to be vaccinated for an “attack on the health system”.

“We don’t want a fifth wave.”

And expected, this leads to…

Citizens Protest

Meanwhile, this lockdown and compulsory vaccination sparked various protests among their citizens.

Freedom Party leader, Herbet Kickl posted a picture on Facebook saying: “As of today Austria is a dictatorship.”

The party is planning a protest but Kickl cannot attend for he was tested positive for COVID-19. Oh, the irony.

Germany’s Situation

Meanwhile, their neighbouring country, Germany, has seen several days of record infections as well.


There’s a possibility that new restrictions will be imposed but with Christmas around the corner, it is unsure if these restrictions will stick.

The cold weather that leads to more mingling indoors and less mask-wearing also contributes to the high number of infections.

As Health Minister Jens Spahn said, “It’s all up to us.”

And oh, lest you’ve forgotten, we’ve a vaccinated travel lane with Germany.

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