Benz Hui Thinks That S’poreans Like to Complain a Lot & Are Spoiled by the Government

If there’s anything Singaporeans are good at, it’s complaining.

And now even a veteran Hong Kong actor agrees.

Complain Kings & Queens

Speaking in an interview with Lianhe Zaobao, Benz Hui talked about the things he had realised during his prolonged stay in Singapore.

The most striking one is that “Singaporeans are spoilt by the government and like to complain.”

That was quite the statement.

The 73-year-old actor had described himself as someone who did not mince his word and he definitely didn’t.

He went on to explain that while people around the world generally complain if someone does not perform well, Singaporeans are more intense and will complain regardless of the situation.

While Hui thinks that appropriate complaints are fine, he said some of them reflect personal opinions and standards even though the subject of the complaint is not necessarily bad.

“That’s not very good, consider changing it,” he said.

More Spoilt Compared to Hongkongers

Comparing Singaporeans to the people where he hails from, Hui remarked that Hongkongers also complain, albeit more rationally.

“The welfare isn’t as good in Hong Kong so the locals aren’t pampered,” he added.

He feels that Singaporeans are too fortunate and believes that Hongkongers are not as spoilt as their welfare benefits are not as good as Singapore’s.

He suggested that people treat the government better and give them a break.

However, Hui also acknowledged that his statement might not be well-received and said, “A lot of people will scold me.”

Props to him for being bold enough to criticise the complain kings and queens of Singapore though.

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Singaporeans “Too Knowledgeable”

Hui also added that Singaporeans are “too knowledgeable” as compared to Hongkongers.

His friend who works as a doctor in Hong Kong told him that he was afraid of seeing Singaporean patients.

According to Hui, these patients are too knowledgeable to the extent that they would interrogate the doctor about why such medication is prescribed, an action that might insult the doctor.

He believed that patients should respect the doctor’s professionalism and judgement.

Helped Daughter Open Three Local Cafes

Hui who had previously travelled back and forth between Singapore and Hong Kong has been staying in Singapore for a prolonged period due to the pandemic.

While cooped up in Singapore, Hui’s daughter, Charmaine, had started a baking business after being urged by her neighbours to do so.

With her father’s support, she opened up three cafe outlets—one at Yishun and two others at Orchard Wheelock Place—which have been gaining much attention.


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On whether he would provide unlimited financial support for his daughter’s business, Hui replied hilariously, “Do you really think I print money? Even if I do, I’d need to wait for the ink to dry before using the notes!”

Despite funding the business, the actor claimed that he prefers to sit around the cafe where he gets to observe Singaporeans in their natural habitat.

After all, that is how he came to his conclusion on Singaporeans’ behaviours.

But what do the complain kings and queens think? Is Hui’s comment justified or are Singaporeans the only ones allowed to criticise themselves?

You can watch the full interview with Hui here (note: he speaks in Cantonese so you’ll have to read the Chinese subtitles).

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Featured Image: Lianhe Zaobao