10 Best April Fools’ Jokes by S’pore Organisations Show That The Laughs Are Back


While April Fools’ used to just be between us and our friends in school, many organisations and brands in Singapore have stepped up to the plate over the past few years when it comes to delivering jokes and leaving us amused.

And because there’s nothing better than having a good laugh (or two), here are the best April Fools’ jokes from local organisations that will surely leave you tickled pink!

Tai Cheong Mala Egg Tarts

We all know that Singaporeans love our mala… But maybe not in every single thing we eat.

In Tai Cheong Bakery’s recent post, it introduced a new addition that would be joining its well-beloved menu of tarts and pastries: the mala egg tart.

Understandably, Singaporeans were not only shocked, but maybe even horrified. (I mean, look. There’s taugeh.)

Someone even commented, “Pls la, kindly keep traditional la”.

Thankfully, it all turned out to be a harmless prank, although I’m sure that there are some die-hard mala fans out there who would still try the mala tart if it was actually launched.

KOI Coriander Chocolate Milk

Whether you’re #teamcoriander or not, you probably got the shock of your life when you saw this post by KOI, everyone’s favourite bubble tea chain:

Not sure if coriander milk tea would have been better, but clearly many Singaporeans were left puzzled and maybe even grossed out.

Until they checked their calendars, of course.

EZ-Link Nano Chip

Talk about living in the 21st century.

With nanochips being all the craze over the past few years, maybe you’ve thought about what life will be like in a future where everything is embedded into us.

And then EZ-Link, the reason why we all can take MRTs and buses so freely in Singapore, posted this photo advertising their “everlasting EZ-Link card”:


Thankfully, at least we know that it won’t happen soon. Although EZ-Link’s Facebook post initially raised a few eyebrows for sure, one would realise after reading the fine print at the bottom of the photo that it was nothing more than a harmless prank.

But hey, if EZ-Link ever finds a foolproof way to stop us from forgetting or misplacing our EZ-Link cards, I’m in.

KFC Chicken Essence

As a brand that’s posted diligently for the past few April Fools’, KFC definitely didn’t disappoint this time.

With a typical poster child holding a book, they introduced their new “delicious path to wellness”, which is, uh, basically fried chicken essence. Not sure if it’s just the leftover oil from frying the chicken.


They even wrote that they’ve “perfected a proprietary, advanced extraction technique that reaps the benefits of the fresh fried chicken that [they] use, while ensuring that [their] classic flavours stay intact throughout the process”, making it perfect for those who can’t stand the taste of regular chicken essence.

One commenter on Facebook even asked the question that every Asian parent probably asked themselves when they saw KFC’s post, which was “can my son pass psle without studying if he drink this?”

Someone even asked for KFC to come up with a diffuser oil version of the product, because… Everyone wants their room to smell like a KFC restaurant, I guess?

But for those who’re excited to run down and grab a bottle for yourself to try, you won’t be able to (at least for now), because as everyone’s learned from the past years, this “new product” really is just a humorous April Fools’ prank from the fast-food chain.

Tower Transit’s New Bus Model

While the following Facebook post from Tower Transit Singapore seemed like nothing more than a regular update about a new bus model from the company that would run on “considerate behaviour”, some Facebook users started to sense something fishy at some point.


For one, SQ-me0104, where “SQ” could be seen as “excuse” in a Singlish accent, seemed like a name too comical to be true.

And true enough, Tower Transit fooled many who were eager to find out more about their new bus model, for those who clicked on the link that “provided more information” about the new SQ-me0104 bus realised that it was nothing more than an April Fools’ joke.

Ichiban Sushi Bubble Tea Sushi

While many of us may be flocking to get our bubble tea fix every day after work, I think it’s pretty safe to say that most of us have never tried bubble tea… sushi.

Apart from the golden bubble sushi “rolled out” by Ichiban sushi that bears an uncanny resemblance to ikura sushi, the Japanese restaurant chain also introduced their wasabi milk tea in the same post.


Maybe you’re supposed to dip the sushi into the milk tea, so that you can have milk tea with pearls?

But for those of you who are looking to fill your tummy quench your thirst with these odd “additions” to the menu, I think it’s pretty safe to say that you should probably consider other options on the menu instead.

Cat Laptop Repair Services

If anyone knows anything about Singaporeans, it’s that cats are always the foolproof way into any Singaporean’s heart. I’m serious.

Non-profit organisation Engineering Good recently shared a post regarding their new scheme, and I promise it’ll make you go “awww” even if you know absolutely nothing about engineering.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Engineering Good (@engineeringgood)

Yup, we had How to Train Your Dragon in the past, and now, it’s… How to Train Your Cat?

The “new programme”, which involves teaching pets how to fix laptops, is clearly something that we (sadly) won’t be seeing anytime soon.

The post even noted cheekily, “Payment will be in the form of 1 can of cat food ( kibbles not accepted)”, which of course captured the hearts of many cat-lovers in Singapore.


JINRO Wasabi Soju

While many of us may grab a bottle of soju from time to time when we’re hanging out with our friends, get-togethers might become a lot more interesting if JINRO actually sticks to their marketing and comes out with the following flavour:

With wasabi-flavoured soju, it’s no surprise if gatherings start to get a little spicier from here onwards.

However, although the company even came up with a bottle design and had their mascot hold the newly-designed JINRO Wasabi flavour, their caption noted that JINRO Wasabi is “Perfect with sushi and not available”, so our hopes are dashed (for now).

Aetos Holdings Feline (F-9) Unit

Again, the best way to a Singaporean’s heart is through cats. But even the most avid-cat lovers may have thought to themselves after seeing this post, “Is this really a good idea?”

With Aetos Holdings announcing the introduction of their new Feline (F-9) unit, they also included a fun fact.

“Not only do cats have a more sensitive sense of smell, they have a significantly better ability to discriminate between a greater variety of smells. This means that they could be employed to seek the scent of anything from cancer and tuberculosis to explosive substances and humans,” Aetos Holdings wrote.

But for those of us who know how chaotic cats can be as compared to dogs, it was evident that this was just a funny joke in the name of April Fools’.

Some Facebook users also joined in the fun by posting photos of their cats in the comments section and asking how they could register their cats to join the F-9 unit.

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Gong Cha Ikura Matcha Latte

When your girlfriend says she can’t get enough of Japanese food, maybe you should ask her if she means that she wants Gong Cha’s Ikura Matcha Latte. (Or maybe you shouldn’t.)

But while Ichiban is happily switching their ikura out for golden bubbles, Gong Cha is doing the exact opposite with the “launch” of their Ikura Matcha Latte.

Bringing up how the ikura gives off an umami taste, Gong Cha also marketed the product as “a fine balance of sweet and savoury”.

I’m not sure how many people will agree with that, but hey, at least you don’t have to try it to find out for the time being!

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Featured Image: Facebook (Tai Cheong Bakery Singapore +Aetos Holdings)