Everything About Biden & China’s Xi Jinping 2-Hour Talk Whereby They Spoke Mostly About Russia

Aside from pledging more funds and military supplies to Ukraine in their ongoing fight against Russia’s invasion, President Joe Biden of the United States clarified with Chinese President Xi Jinping on their stance of Russia’s actions in a two-hour-long call.

What Was Discussed During the Call 

Both presidents were on the same page on promoting peace and rendering assistance to mitigate the humanitarian crisis that has broken out within Ukraine due to Russia’s invasion.

Biden’s call to Chinese President Xi Jinping was also made to clarify and outline “the views of the United States and (their) allies and partners on (the) crisis,” said the statement released by the White House on 18 March.

The president of the United States wanted to make clear the “implications and consequences” that awaited China if they chose to provide material support to Russia that could fuel Russia’s continued aggression on Ukraine.

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This was in light of claims from Pentagon officials that Moscow had asked for economic and military aid to continue their war against Ukraine and that initial intelligence reports suggested that China had agreed.

The main goal for President Biden was to persuade China from acting as a potential bail-out for Russia in the face of the harsh economic sanctions that has been rolled out by the United States and the European Union to punish Russia.

It remains unconfirmed by the White House if the United States would propose economic sanctions on China if they made the choice to deliver financial and military support to Russia.

Refusal to Acknowledge Russia Solely At Fault for Invasion

Xi, however, remains resolute in his stance on not holding Russia as the sole party to blame for their decision to invade Ukraine.

Instead, President Xi’s stance was that the United States and Europe were the ones responsible for provoking Russia’s President Vladimir Putin into invading Ukraine due to NATO’s expansion into Eastern Europe.

You can watch this video to know more about NATO and its role:

However, the Chinese president have also clarified during the call that it was willing to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and told Biden that it was important to keep dialogue and negotiations ongoing as the invasion by Russia continues.

Yes, lest you’re not aware, Russia and Ukraine have been conducting negotiations since the start of the war. Watch this to the end for a summary of the talks so far:

In the state readout by China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the statement said that “the Ukraine crisis is not something (China) wants to see.

“China stands for peace and opposes war,” said the readout published by China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“All sides need to jointly support Russia and Ukraine in having dialogue and negotiation that will produce results and lead to peace.”

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Featured Image: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China