Final Results Out: Joe Biden Wins With 306 Electoral Votes Against Donald Trump’s 232

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There are some news events so huge that if you miss them then you’re probably from Mars.

I’m of course talking about the US Presidential Elections this year.

It is now near the tail end of this world-changing event, and some end-game numbers have been shown recently.

Joe Biden Wins Against Donald Trump In Electoral Votes

Though some might say this is also a game-ender.

In a Reuters report, Edison Research projected that the state of North Carolina would be won by Trump.

This would then finalise the vote tally at 306 for Biden to 232 for Trump, defeating him in the Electoral College.

Which, if you’re wondering what that is, is simplified for you over here.

However, keep in mind that the Electoral College will only officially select the winning candidate on 14 Dec.

Edison Research also previously projected that Biden would win Georgia’s 16 electoral votes.

Interestingly, this is the same number of electoral votes Trump had when he beat Hillary Clinton in a ‘landslide victory’ four years ago (though two of them eventually didn’t vote for him, which, by the way, is very rare so don’t bet on it).

But Why Were We Told That Joe Biden has Won on 8 November?

By now, you should be wondering why this article exists, given that it was reported on 8 November everywhere that Joe Biden has won.

Well, on 8 November 2020, it was reported that Biden has won because he has more than 270 electoral votes – the number needed to win the election.

Today’s report is akin to the “final results”.

Simply put, it’s like on 8 November 2020, you know you’ve passed your examinations and can get your degree; today you get to know that your GPA is 4.1.

But still…

“Time Will Tell,” Says Trump

Though, we need to keep in mind one thing:


Trump technically does not lose yet because remember: those are still projections though they’re very, very accurate.

We also can’t forget that he filed multiple lawsuits against supposed voter fraud earlier on in the election process.

However, the Arizona lawsuit that requested the review of ballots has also been dropped recently

Then, at a recent White House event, the current POTUS made the following statement.

Firstly, he predicted that a COVID-19 vaccine would be available by April.


He says that his current administration will also not go into lockdown and mentions, “whatever happens in the future, who knows which administration it will be? I guess time will tell.”

Trump reportedly did not take questions post-event.

Reuters mention that Trump needs to win three more states to turn the election around, but as of now does not seem likely.

We also can’t forget that Trump has also discussed re-election in 2024, which means he might’ve acknowledged the possibility of losing.

Still too chim for you?


Basically, imagine Trump and Biden in a badminton game. Biden has won enough games to be the winner, but Trump says it’s not fair, because on a few occasions, the shuttlecock landed within the court but it was deemed to be “out”.

So now, he has to the rights to get the organisers to check out the video replays.

Plans To Transition

So, considering all this data, what has Biden and his team been doing?

Well, they’re apparently planning for his transition already.

However, not everything is going as smoothly as one might think.


Jen Psaki, a senior adviser to Biden’s transition team, said that Biden still needs “real-time information” from the Trump administration.

Psaki says that it is vital that both Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris get this information so they could deal with the resurgent pandemic and national security threats.

But as mentioned, Trump hasn’t officially admitted defeat yet, so the transition process has been slow.

The General Services Administration also hasn’t recognised Biden’s victory, which means access to federal office space and resources.

December is only a short time away, and if nothing major changes, it looks like Biden is a shoo-in for the win.


As of this writing, you can check out the projected winners of each state over here.

In the meantime, you can also read these 10 achievements Trump has made during his four-year term in the White House.

Featured Image by heblo from Pixabay