This Big Rock Smashed Through Moving Car Windscreen in M’sia


What is it with stupid people endangering the lives of innocent bystanders these days?

It’s no longer funny when a prank takes a dark turn. Yeah, I’m one of those people who have issues with over-the-top prank videos. What if your “victim” has a heart condition or something?

Anyway, an alleged case of prank-gone-wrong took place in Malaysia on 23 Dec. A couple was travelling along the Lingkaran-Lebuhraya Kajang expressway at around 10.25pm when a piece of rock smashed through the windscreen of the car.


In case you have no idea how terrifying that was, here’s a shot taken from inside the vehicle.


(Whoa, damn)

According to, the rock was about the size of a fist. The rock smashed through the windscreen and flew past the couple, hitting the backseat of the car.

Luckily, the couple was not seriously injured. Their arms were cut by the shattered windscreen.

Talk about a close shave!

Image: May Poh Facebook
Image: May Poh Facebook

The couple filed a report at the Kajang police station soon after. They then uploaded details and photos of the incident on Facebook in order to warn others about their close brush with death.

Image: May Poh Facebook

After reading about the incident on Facebook, Balakong assemblyman Ng Tien Chee went back to the scene together with the victims.

He said that the police should not classify this incident as a run-of-the-mill traffic accident as it was obvious that the rock was deliberately thrown off the flyover in an attempt to cause a traffic accident.

Image: May Poh Facebook

Assemblyman Ng Tien Chee has also urged for the police to patrol the area more often, and it was suspected that the culprit is a resident living in the area.

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People like this should be put behind bars if you ask me. By my books, this is no longer a “prank”. It’s attempted murder!

If you think about it, the couple could’ve been severely injured if the rock had not flown past them.

…I really hope this article wouldn’t encourage idiots to try this out in Singapore!

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Featured Image: Facebook (May Poh)