Maserati Driver Who Dragged TP is Allegedly Also a Loan Shark


How bad can a person be?


(No, not that song from Lorax)

I’m referring to the incident involving the Maserati driver. Yeah, I know there are a lot of Maserati related incidents out there, so here’s a link for you to refresh your memory.

If you’re too lazy to even click on the link, here’s a little something in point form to remind you of the incident.

  • Maserati driver dragged TP along the road for close to a hundred metres after being stopped for enforcement check.
  • The driver is in the midst of a nine-month driving suspension (Since 4th July)
  • The driver had been banned from driving for 10 years (2 Dec 2001 to 1 Dec 2011)
  • Driver’s father had been paying his fines for him
  • The father is apologizing on his behalf

Remember now?


After dragging a TP for close to a hundred metres and fleeing the scene, Lee Cheng Yan, 34, was arrested in an HDB flat at Geylang Bahru road a few hours later.

He was charged with causing grievous hurt by committing a rash act. He was facing up to four years’ jail and/or a fine of $10,000 (Something tells me his dad will be paying for him).


However, there has since been an update to the case. He now faces an additional charge of driving under disqualification.

If convicted, he could face enhanced penalties, including a fine of $3000 to $10,000, jail of up to 12 months, and disqualification from driving for 12 months.

Seriously, another disqualification from driving? It didn’t seem to work the previous time. Can we just ban him from touching the steering wheel ever again?

I don’t know much about law, but I’m pretty sure he deserves an even harsher sentence if he somehow decides to touch the wheel again.


Lee Cheng Yan is currently being investigated for illegal online gambling and unlicensed money lending. Investigations are currently underway.

So, he is also a loan shark. Why am I not surprised? I mean, how else is someone like him paying for a Maserati, right?

If he really is a loan shark, I’m sure the sentence will be harsher than before. Which is good, since we really need less people like him around.

I really feel sorry for the father, having a son like him. Then and again, perhaps the father is the one responsible for him turning out this way, eh?

For now, let’s sit back and let justice take its course (and hope for a satisfying end).



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