Burger King Now Sells Chocolate Apple Pie After Launching Controversial Chocolate Whopper

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Everyone remembers Burger King‘s controversial Chocolate Whopper that was launched earlier last month, right?

Now, Burger King seems to have learnt their lesson. Instead, this month they have opted for a much, much safer option: chocolate apple pie.

I have to say, you’ve got to applaud their bravery, especially after their failed venture into chocolate products in early April.

The Chocolate Apple Pie

Since 25 April 2021, the chocolate apple pie has been available for purchase at all Burger King outlets.

It is selling at S$1.60.

On its Facebook post announcing the launch of the chocolate apple pie, as well as its Dirty Choc Overload, Burger King called on Singaporeans to “level up your chocolate game with this perfect combination”.

They also claimed that the two products would be “So chocolatey high to leave you craving for more.”

At rival fast-food chain McDonald’s, chocolate pies and apple pies are probably the most popular pies. In fact, McDonald’s chocolate pie was sold out within 8 days, back in 2018 during its first release.

Currently, the apple pie at McDonald’s is a fixed item on the menu. However, the ever-popular chocolate pie is still a seasonal item that is unavailable at the moment.

Now, a chocolate apple pie is very different from just a chocolate pie or an apple pie—one can only guess whether the two flavours would work well together.

Or, you could always buy one chocolate apple pie to try for yourself. After all, taste is subjective.

The Disastrous Chocolate Whopper

If you’re still dubious about the chocolate apple pie, I really don’t blame you—there’s good reason to doubt Burger King’s tastes after all.

When the Chocolate Whopper was first announced on 1 April 2021, the marketing director of Burger King Irene Tay had expressed full confidence that it would be sold out in “double quick time”.

Yikes. We all know how that turned out.

Unfortunately, the Chocolate Whopper was met with mixed reviews from the public. Mothership‘s review shared how the chocolate sauce made the burger “soggy and not too appetising to look at.” They also commented that “the flavours did not complement each other”, and that the chocolate sauce “almost totally masked the taste of the beef.”


On the other hand, Today said that the chocolate sauce could not be tasted much because of the other ingredients which “overpower[ed] the choc flavour.”

Despite the mixed reviews from the two media outlets, one thing’s for sure: neither had a good impression of the Chocolate Whopper.

So, what do you say? Is it a go, or a no-go?

Featured Image: Facebook (Burger King Singapore)

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