BKK Street Food Earns Michelin Star And Winner Thinks it’s a Tyre


Who says street food can never match up to restaurant food?

I for one, have always believed that the best food in the world is found around every street corner. It’s one of the things I’ve come to realize while backpacking around Southeast Asia.

Hence, it brings me great pleasure to write an article about a Bangkok street food eatery winning a Michelin Star.

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The eatery, Jay Fai, (also known as Auntie Fai) is named after the 72-year-old owner. Jay Fai is known for her crab omelettes and seafood noodles.

Admittedly, Jay Fai is more expensive than most street food store. A dish generally costs around $27 or more. But hey, do consider that she’s using expensive ingredients like crabs and prawns!

Interestingly, Jay Fai claims that she had no idea that the term “Michelin” had anything to do with food.

“Before, I knew the Michelin name but I did not know it had to do with cooking,” said Jay Fai.

Well, yeah. A few years back, I would’ve thought of this fella if you asked me about Michelin.

Image: moto.michelin.com

(Uhh, time to buy new tyres?)

Anyway, the store is the only street-side establishment to be listed in Michelin’s Bangkok guide released on 6th Dec. Do note that this is the first-ever guide to be released for Bangkok by Michelin!

Image: memegenerator.net

Oh boy, it must be an honour for her to be featured in the guide and vice versa!

Jay Fai also said that she is very proud to be featured and that she must return to the kitchen on Thursday (7 Dec), the day after the release of the guide.

Well, we can all see the dedication to her craft from the things she says! There’s a reason why she won the Michelin Star, you know.

Let’s hope that Jay Fai winning the Michelin Star would mean a brighter outlook for Bangkok’s street food scene.

After all, I would really hate to go back to a Bangkok without street food.

With that, I suppose I should plan a trip to Bangkok soon!


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