So, Is it Still Okay to Travel to Bali Now? Here’re the Deets


Bali’s a really popular tourist destination, and for good reason too. Apart from delicious & affordable food, they also offer a variety of adrenaline-filled activities. Shiok.

But if you were to ask me to fly over to Bali right now, I would have to politely refuse.

Vehemently refuse.

With Bali’s Mount Agung being particularly hot-blooded nowadays, it would take more than a simple request to convince me.

Heck, not even Jessica Alba can get me to go, and that’s saying something.

Is it okay to travel to Bali now?

Two words.

Not really.

And I’m putting it nicely.

Should you be unaware, Bali’s Mount Agung has been really active of late, spewing out lavas and grey plumes of smoke since last week.

Image: EPA

In fact, the severity of the situation has even called for the closure of Bali’s International Airport, because there’s no way in hell that a plane is going to make it through with all that smoke around.

Meanwhile, BNPB, Indonesia’s National Board for Disaster Management, has been struggling to convince at-risk villagers (who live within the 10km evacuation zone around Mount Agung) to leave their homes. Struggling.

(Even with the temperamental volcano seemingly ready to release its fiery load anytime, villagers are still unwilling to vacate their homes. Instead, they have opted to offer prayers as they stay in the shadow of the volcano with their homes and livestock.)

So yeah.

Bali’s kind of dangerous right now. 

What’s the latest update?

According to Express UK, Bali was hit by an earthquake of magnitude 3.1, which coincidentally occurred near Mount Agung.

It was apparently caused by the build-up of magma inside the volcano (it’s currently firing ashes as high up as 3,000 metres in the sky right now).

Image: Getty/AFP

Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Center (PVMBG) senior volcanologist Devy Kami said it meant the earthquake was in a “critical phase”.

“With an earthquake of this magnitude, it means that Mount Agung is in a critical phase, so we must further increase our preparedness.”

The last eruption

Experts have warned of a possibility that Mount Agung might relive its infamous 1963 eruption.

The previous eruption happened 54 years ago, and the explosion reportedly “sent rocks larger than the size of your fist flying up to a radius of 8km around the volcano.”

Well, how do I put this…


It looks like there’s no way to avoid it, people.

The Bali we know and love, seems to be facing its greatest threat yet.

Future updates

We’ll endeavour to supply you guys with further updates, but until then just be prepared for the worst to happen.

And no matter what, DON’T go over there.

Not that you can, anyway.

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