Lee Jinglei Came Out to Clarify That Blackie Chen & Christine Fan Aren’t Wang Leehom’s FWB


If 2021 has taught us anything, it’s that real-life dramas often last longer than pandemics.

Just when you think it’s over, another allegation or apology comes out, and all the arguments get rehashed.

Take the Tales of Wang Leehom, for instance. Wang apologised to his ex-wife Lee Jinglei days after she accused of him multiple infidelities and emotional abuse during their marriage.

You can watch this video to the end to know more about the entire saga within three minutes:

We all thought that was the final episode of the drama.

But surprise, surprise, the first episode of Season 2 has already been released, and absolutely nothing seems to have been resolved.

Or so it seems.

Lee Jinglei Came Out to Clarify That Blackie Chen & Christine Fan Aren’t Wang Leehom’s FWB

One thing we do know, is that Taiwanese television host Blackie Chen and singer Christine Fan have not had sexual relations with Wang, at least not during Wang’s marriage to Lee.

This was the message Lee had for her followers on Weibo when she published a short post yesterday (21 Dec).

“Based on my understanding, Blackie Chen and Christine Fan do not have any inappropriate relations,” she said, and the internet imploded.

Why? Well, it’s not so much what Lee said as what she didn’t say. 

See, ever since her bombshell post last Friday (17 Dec), where she accused Wang of having other sexual partners while they were married, netizens who must be part-time archaeologists have been doing lots of digging in the hopes of uncovering the identities of Wang’s paramours.

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Soon, rumours started circulating on Weibo that Wang has had inappropriate relationships with singer Vivian Hsu, Christine Fan, and Blackie Chen.

And while Lee has denied that Fan and Chen were ever Wang’s FWBs, she’s not said a word about Hsu.

Earlier, Lee said that one of Wang’s illicit lovers was a woman who was married with a child. According to Lee, Wang invited this woman to their home and even went to their house for a gathering even though he knew he’d be breaking the law.

It appears that that was when Wang was fined $487 for breaking COVID-19 rules in Taiwan.


Hsu’s Response

Hsu earlier took to Facebook to address the rumours, and deny the allegations linking her to Wang.

A statement by her management company said: “Regarding the unconfirmed insinuations or false reports alluding to Ms Xu Ruoxuan (Vivian Hsu) today, as well as the malicious slander, resharing, and accusatory attacks by netizens, Weiweiyan Entertainment requests on behalf of Ms Vivian Hsu the retraction of improper reports and statements, otherwise, they will resort to legal actions and the law will show no mercy.”

But will netizens stop with the speculation? We both know the answer to that one.

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