Vivian Hsu Said She’s Not Involved With Wang Leehom & Threatened Legal Actions for Defamation


In the last Wang’s scandalous update, a member of a Singaporean duo was allegedly identify as one of Wang Leehom’s sex partners by Wang’s ex-wife herself.

Now, another rumoured sex partner has spoken and she’s not mincing her words.

One of Wang’s Sex Partners is a Married Woman

In Wang Leehom’s ex-wife’s, Li Jinglei, nine-page exposé, she mentioned a married woman with kids as one of Wang’s sex partners. She talked about how they would continue to flirt even when they were in Wang’s house.

Additionally, Wang would also work together with this lady to lie to her husband.

Netizens, being the most efficient, underpaid and not the most accurate online detectives, quickly draw the conclusion that Li was talking about Taiwanese singer and actress, Vivian Hsu.

But why her?

Vivian Hsu’s Home

On 16 Sep, Wang had just completed his 14-day quarantine in Taiwan. He was supposed to avoid public places and must wear a face mask when he was out and about for seven more days. Additionally, Wang was not permitted to attend any gatherings and large-scale events during this period.

So naturally, Wang went to a gathering. On the day he ended his 14-day quarantine, he showed up at Vivian Hsu’s home for a meal gathering.

Aside from Wang, Blackie Chen, Christine Fang and Eric Chen also attended the gathering. They took a group photo and posted it on Hsu’s social media page.

Image: Facebook (Vivian Hsu)

That drew a lot of unwanted attention since Wang did just come out of quarantine. Wang was aware that he broke quarantine rules but still risked the trip. He ended up facing a fine ranging from NT$10,000 (~S$485) to NT$300,000 (~S$14,739) for that.

Currently, the post has been taken down.


Netizens decided to link the two and two together because Li mentioned that Wang went “running” to this mistress’ house despite him knowing that he was breaking COVID-19 rules.

What’s even worse is that according to an unverified source who claims to be Hsu’s neighbour, the person claimed to have seen Wang visit Hsu home multiple nights, sometimes around midnight.

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Vivian Hsu Denied All Allegations

Hsu took it to her social media pages to deny all allegations linking her to Wang.

First, she touched on how her neighbour may have misinterpreted the situation, for Wang only attended the gathering at her house twice:

  • Once with a group of friends in the afternoon during tea time
  • Once after dinner. Hsu’s husband and some friends were also present in the house

Both times, Hsu also posted a photo of them together online. Hsu mentioned she did not betray her husband and she wished Wang would clear things up soon.

In another post, Hsu posted, “Regarding the unconfirmed insinuations or false reports alluding to Ms Xu Ruoxuan (Vivian Hsu) today, as well as the malicious slander, resharing, and accusatory attacks by netizens, Weiweiyan Entertainment requests on behalf of Ms Vivian Hsu the retraction of improper reports and statements, otherwise, they will resort to legal actions and the law will show no mercy.”

Hsu’s Weibo account has been emptied.

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Featured Image: Weibo