Person Driving M’sian Car Allegedly Scratched a S’pore Car Repeatedly Due to Parking Dispute


While disputes may happen from time to time on the road, it’s pretty safe to say that most of them end up being rather minor altercations that result in both parties leaving amicably.

But of course, there are always exceptions to the norm.

Just two days ago on 2 May, TikTok user @benjunior_87 uploaded the following clip to TikTok.

@benjunior_87 Sg red civic been vandalize by malaysia proton dark grey x50#singaporepolice #sgviral #vandalized ♬ original sound – The Garage Treatment

In the video recorded by a car’s dashboard-mounted camera, the driver of a Malaysian-registered Proton X50 was filmed scratching a red Honda Civic in Singapore.

According to the video, the male driver committed the act of vandalism at approximately 11.40am on 2 May. The location where the clip was filmed appeared to be Jalan Berseh, near New World Centre.

The driver was wearing a white polo shirt, sunglasses, a mask and carrying an umbrella. After walking near the red Honda Civic, he started to use something in his hand to scratch the left side of the car.

It is unclear as to what instrument he used to scratch the car.

After doing so, he went over to the right side of the car and did the same thing.

There were cars passing by during the time as well.

After he was satisfied, he decided to return to his dark grey Proton X50, which was parked in the middle of the road.

Parking Dispute Prompted Car Scratching

Based on @benjunior_87’s replies in the comments section, the driver vandalised the Honda Civic after getting into an argument about parking with its driver.

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The TikTok user also included photos of the damage done to the car, as well as an image of the vandal’s car.

Many netizens were understandably enraged by the unreasonable act of vandalism, and some even tagged the Singapore Police Force’s TikTok account to try and bring their attention to the issue.

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Featured Image: TikTok (@benjunior_87)