Ong Ye Kung: COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Might be Needed Every Year

Recently, a new rule was announced by the multi-ministry task force (MMTF): With effect from 14 February this year, COVID-19 booster shot will be necessary for us to upkeep our fully vaccinated status.

To be specific, we have up to nine months after our second jab to get our booster shot.

As some of us may know, flu jabs should be taken yearly to best protect our immune system.

Fortunately or unfortunately enough, a booster jab for COVID-19 may similarly be needed every year soon.

For those who have a fear of injections, good luck.

COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Might be Needed Annually

Health Minister Ong Ye Kung recently spoke about the matter in Parliament on 10 Jan (Monday). He mentioned that it was still “too early to tell” how many more vaccination doses are required after our first booster jab.

However, he did bring up the fact that “endemic, infectious disease” like influenza mutates frequently. As such, people would have to receive vaccinations annually to ensure that they’re best protected.

Minister Ong also mentioned that it is probable that we would have to live with COVID-19 as an endemic disease.

As a result, Singaporeans may also have to take an annual booster shot, just like how it’s done for the flu shot.

Keyword: may. At least for now.

Ministry of Health and the Expert Committee on COVID-19 Vaccination (EC19V) will be closely monitoring both local and international data.

The sustainability of protection from vaccine boosters and the advancement of the virus will be considered.

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Singapore’s Progress for Vaccination

According to the Ministry of Health, as of 9 Jan this year, 47% of the total population has received their booster shots.

91% of eligible citizens have already completed the full regimen of vaccination.

The good news is that at least for now, we’re used to needles poking into our arm.

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