This Boy Says He Looks too Much Like Jay Chou; Got ‘Disturbed’ in Public

If you meet your doppelganger in real life, you will die. – The Prophet with a Moustache

As such, fans of Jay Chou will want to pray that he never meets Daniel Chiam, because believe me when I say that…

They look exactly the same.

Or at least according to this self-professed Jay Chou lookalike, anyway.

Please stop photographing me

Facebook user Daniel Chiam posted a video on the social media platform, wherein he talks about how he’s sick and tired of people approaching him on the streets simply because he looks like Jay Chou.

Image: KL吹水站 Facebook Page

He also rants about how he’s much more handsome than the Mandopop singer, how his eyes hurt when people sneak photos of him with the camera flash on, and how people pester him for autographs.

Image: KL吹水站 Facebook Page

As an ending note, he says he’s tired of all the attention, requests for everyone to just ‘drop it’ and talks about how there’s a long line of people waiting outside even as he spoke.

You can watch the video for yourself here:


Posted by Daniel Chiam on Monday, 26 February 2018


Netizens were generally in agreement…

That he doesn’t really look like Jay Chou.

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Image: KL吹水站 Facebook Page


“Don’t give up on treatment.”

“Little boy, if you’re sick you need to see a doctor. If you want to recover fast you gotta be a good boy and have your meds.”

Image: KL吹水站 Facebook Page


“May I know how he even looks like Jay Chou? Jay Chou’s way more handsome than you la.”

Although to be fair…

Image: KL吹水站 Facebook Page


“Mad respect, Bro Chou”

Wang Lee Hom

Perhaps unbeknownst to some of you, this little boy’s style is actually similar to a famous Wang Lee Hom-lookalike:

Image: Stomp

As one Netizen so kindly pointed out.

Image: KL吹水站 Facebook Page


“Hahaha, why do I feel like you’re very similar to ‘Wang Lee Hom’? You don’t even have a hint of Jay Chou”

But of course, despite the obvious similarities between the lookalikes, there’s one core difference the boy couldn’t possibly make up for:

Feels like driving a bungalow!

Posted by 江昭上 on Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Anyways, have a friend who’s always claiming to look like someone?

Show this to him/her, and see what he/she says! 😉

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