Man Broke His Head After Being Dragged by Car in Geylang

What do you do when someone refuses to admit that they scratched your car?

Hold on to their steering wheel while they drive away and get your head broken, apparently.

Here’s what happened.

Victim’s Car Allegedly Scratched By Black Car

The accident happened at 10:55pm on 23 November, between Lorong 17 and Loring 19 in Geylang.

According to the injured man’s friend, the two of them finished their food at a frog porridge restaurant and went to their separate cars.

However, the friend soon heard shouts, and rushed over to see the victim bleeding.

According to the staff of the nearby frog porridge restaurant, the victim found a scratch on his car and prevented a black car from driving away, accusing the black car’s owner of scratching it.

There was an argument between the two car owners, and the driver of the black car decided to drive off and leave the scene. However, just as the driver was about to turn right, the victim suddenly held his steering wheel to stop him from leaving.


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Grabbed Onto Steering Wheel, Got Injured

The victim was then dragged along for about 10 meters before being forced to let go, and fell to the ground injured. The staff of the frog porridge restaurant found the man lying on the road bleeding, with a bruised nose and a head injury.

“There was a lot of blood flowing from the back of the man’s head on the road,” stated a restaurant staff member. They also shared that many people came to check what was happening, but nobody dared to move him due to the blood.

Image: Shin Min Daily News

Police and paramedics came shortly afterwards, and paramedics had to carry the injured man onto a stretcher before bringing him to the ambulance.

Image: Shin Min Daily News

The police confirmed that they received a report of a rash act being committed at Geylang that day, and that a 34-year-old man was sent to the hospital conscious.

Investigations are still ongoing.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News