Some Shops in Bugis Junction Closed for a Day After a Sprinkler Dislodged in the Mall


As the year draws to a close, we have to start digging for our umbrellas for the end of the year in Singapore often means we will be met with sudden downpours.

Little did you know, these umbrellas will become handy inside a mall, too.

Some Shops in Bugis Junction Closed for a Day After a Sprinkler Dislodged in the Mall

On 17 Dec, at around 11pm, tenant works were being completed at the vacated level three food court. During the works, a sprinkler was dislodged.

Suddenly, the food court turned into the source of the waterfall, “supplying” water into several shop units, escalators, lifts and corridors. This affected tenants from level three all the way to the basement level.

A video of the incident was shown to The Straits Times, they said water could be seen raining down outside a City Chain store. Two patrons were also sharing an umbrella fending off the water.

Due to the sudden “man-made attraction”, the section affected by the water was cordoned off. Some of the stores were temporarily closed today (18 Dec) for cleaning, as well.


The rest of the mall which were not affected by the man-made attraction was still open.

Most of the Affected Shops Re-opened

As of 1.30pm, only Challenger and Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory were still closed for cleaning, while the rest of the shops in the affected section have reopened.

Bugis Junction Food Court 

The level three food court was once occupied by the iconic food court, Food Junction. It has officially ceased operations as of 3 Dec. The closure was announced on the Food Junction Facebook page.

Waterway Point Ceiling Leak

Earlier this week, on Monday (13 Dec), Waterway point at Punggol also has an unnatural waterfall incident.

A video posted on TikTok shows water dripping from the ceiling in basement two of the mall, causing a huge puddle on the floor. Some of the staff and passerby could be seen “admiring” the waterfall.

@joysuki2515@winniesoh2♬ original sound – joysuki2515

Some of the netizens poked fun at the situation and called the mall “Waterfall Point” and even “Water On Point”.

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