Burger King in Germany Giving Out Super Big Crowns to Promote Safe Distancing


With the world currently at war with the COVID-19 virus, most individuals and businesses are doing their part to help combat this pandemic.

While the average individual can practise social distancing and self-quarantine to prevent further spread, businesses get creative with ways to promote social distancing while building public relations.

The King of Burgers himself is staying ahead of its competitors, ranging from clowns to redheaded girls.

Social Distancing Crowns

What every King has are crowns, and Burger King is no exception.

In their newest campaign in Germany, they have come up with a genius idea to promote social distancing as they reopen their dine-in services.

Image: BurgerKingGermany

An overly wide crown on the patron’s head forces everyone to keep a safe distance between each other when dining in at Burger King restaurants in a funny yet creative away.

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“Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown”, as Shakespeare wrote in his play Henry VI, Part 2.


Step educated sia. Totally did not Google that.

A Singaporean woman last year totally had the right idea way ahead of her time, but we lacked the vision and foresight to see her wisdom.

Image: Stomp

Germany isn’t the only country getting some royal creativity though, as Italians are receiving their all-new Social Distancing Whopper.

Image: Burger King

With three times the usual amount of onions, Burger King is hoping the extra bad breath will keep people further apart from each other.


What about Singapore leh? What will Burger King give us?

Maybe some durian flavoured whoppers so their stench will keep people apart.

Durian lovers please don’t kill me.

All Around The World

As some countries around the world are reopening dine-in services (because they don’t have Phase 1), many other restaurants are also coming up with clever ways to continue promoting social distancing.

Image: BusinessInsider

Also in Germany, a Cafe Rothe is offering its customers hats with pool noodles to keep customers apart.

Also so they can play Beyblades with their head.

Image: GifImage

Meanwhile, in Maryland, customers at Fish Tales Bar & Grill are given huge inflatable tubes on wheels.

Image: BusinessInsider

Will they have trouble navigating? Nah, we’ve all had plenty of training as a baby.

When Singapore finally “reopens” maybe in about 30 years, what kind of creative campaigns will our local restaurants come up with?

Will we remember our friends? Will we even remember how to take an MRT?


We shall find out.

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