Burger King Selling Laksa Burger & Rendang Burger From 16 July 2019

Image: Burger King Singapore

Fusing local flavours into weird combinations is all the rage right now.

What with McDonald’s and their Nasi Lemak burger.

Image: McDonald’s Facebook Page

Old Chang Kee and their Chicken Rice Puff.

Image: Old Chang Kee

And Now, Burger King Is The Latest In The Fast Food Scene To Try (Again)

This is Laksa.

Image: Nattapon.B / Shutterstock.com

Then, someone had the bright idea to take away the soup because who dislikes dry noodles, right?

Image: Curry Times

And now, Burger King is pushing the boundaries of Laksa by giving you laksa in burger form.

Image: Burger King Singapore
Image: Tenor


Burger King Laksa & Rendang Burger

From 16 July 2019 onwards, Burger King is adding two new burgers to their menu for a limited time only.

One is a newcomer, the Laksa burger, while the other was an old-time favourite, the Rendang burger.

Image: Burger King Singapore

The Laksa burger comes in two different forms: 

The Laksa Double Beef burger or the Laksa Tendercrisp® Chicken burger. Yes, guys, rendang might not be crispy but laksa apparently can be now.

No matter which you choose, Burger King is telling you to be prepared to be awed by the layer of “wholesome Laksa sauce”.

It’s cooked with dried shrimp for an authentic local flavour, and the burger will be topped with slices of hard-boiled egg (which should make it interesting to eat) and crunchy, refreshing sliced cucumbers.

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Rendang Burger

The rendang burgers, of course, need no further introduction. After all, they’ve been around for years.

Image: Burger King Singapore

But if you haven’t tried it for yourself, here’s a review for you.

Similar to the Laksa burgers, the Rendang burger comes in two forms: the Rendang Double Beef burger and the Rendang Tendergrill® Chicken burger. Nope, still no crispy Rendang here.


Okay, the most important question: how much will it hurt?

Image: Burger King Singapore

Both the Rendang and Laksa burgers are selling at $6.50 for ala carte orders. But, if you’re going for the full meal, it’ll cost you $7.90, an additional $1.40.

In exchange, you’ll get a medium pack of French fries and a small Coca-Cola Less Sugar drink.

If you want to upsize? It’ll cost you $8.50.

Time to make plans to visit BK liao. I mean, Laksa in a burger? What’s next? Laksa ice cream?

Since we’re on the topic of BK, here’s another piece of information for you.

BK Looking To Put A Smile On Your Face

Previously, we wrote about McDonald’s JB giving out free sundae ice cream if you smile for them.

And we said we were kind of hoping that McDonald’s Singapore would bring that over too. While they didn’t (as far as we know), another fast food chain decided to do it here.

Starting from 8 July 2019, remember to smile when ordering at their self-service kiosks. Why? Because if you do that, you’ll enjoy instant discounts and get free treats.

So don’t say we bojio hor.

Take note that this is only available at the following outlets:

  • AMK Hub
  • [email protected]
  • Capitol Piazza
  • Compass One
  • IMM
  • Marsiling Mall
  • Pasir Ris Sports Centre
  • Paya Lebar Square
  • VivoCity