Burger & Lobster in Changi Airport Suspended After 17 People Came Down With Food Poisoning


Everyone loves a sumptuous meal and no one wants to be retching it all up afterwards.

So when multiple people experienced the latter and all of them visited the same restaurant, fingers were pointed at the renowned Burger & Lobster outlet in Jewel.

Restaurant Operations Suspended

Operations at the restaurant have since been suspended from Monday (16 May) till further notice, after 17 people who consumed food prepared by them experienced gastroenteritis, more commonly known as stomach flu.

Some stomach flu symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea as well as many other uncomfortable effects.

In a statement on Monday evening, the Ministry of Health and the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) said that they are investigating the incidents of gastroenteritis affecting the 17 patrons, who consumed food prepared by the restaurant between 7 and 15 May.

Out of the unfortunate patrons, four people were hospitalised. One person has since been discharged, and the other three cases are currently stable.

The remaining cases either sought outpatient treatment, self-medicated or recovered without treatment.

Website Shows “Technical Issues”

Burger & Lobster was founded in the UK and arrived in Singapore in May 2019, with the Jewel outlet being its first here.

Currently, a look at Burger & Lobster’s website shows that they are experiencing “technical issues” and the Jewel outlet is closed.

Image: Burger & Lobster

The restaurant has also directed customers to its other outlet at Raffles Hotel.

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Staff to Undergo Food Safety Test

In addition, the restaurant has to step up efforts to ensure its patrons of their food hygiene and safety.

All food handlers working in the premises are required to re-attend and pass the Food Safety Course Level 1 and test negative for foodborne pathogens before they can resume work as food handlers, said SFA.

The appointed food hygiene officer working at the premises must re-attend and pass the WSQ Conduct Food and Beverage Hygiene Audit course before resuming work.

The restaurant is also required to clean and sanitise the premises, including equipment and utensils, and dispose of all ready-to-eat food and perishable food items, it added.

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Featured Image: Burger & Lobster