Burglar Broke into M’sia House, Drank Some Alcohol & Passed Out in the House


Drinking on the job reduces your productivity. After all, why would you be drunk when you’re chasing that bag? 

The principle of staying focused in our pursuit of money applies to most jobs, especially robberies in the literal sense. 

Here’s what happens when you don’t. 

Burglar Broke into M’sia House, Drank Some Alcohol & Passed Out in the House

At around 6.15 am in Taman Tanjung in Malaysia, a house owner received an unpleasant surprise after discovering an inebriated man passed out in his house. 

Immediately, he alerted the police to the scene. 

Turns out, the 41-year-old burglar had broken into the house via the unlocked back door. After pocketing a few items, he stumbled into a drinks cabinet, where he began to indulge himself.

Little did he know that was his undoing as he soon fell asleep at the crime scene. 

When the 66-year-old homeowner, Sin Kong Men, woke up, he noticed the dog tugging at the man’s shirt sleeve. 

At first, he thought it was his son’s friend but noticed something amiss when he saw the messy state of the living room. For context, the owner lives with his wife and four children. 

Initially, the man and his children tried to wake the man up but to no avail. 

Beside the intoxicated man was a paper bag containing a serrated-edge knife, a cleaver, two bottles of liquor, and a phone. The police also seized an electric shaver. 

The police also found a motorcycle on the side of the road, and the homeowner found a pair of slippers by the kitchen. 

According to the Jempol District police chief superintendent Hoo Chang Hook, the suspect has 21 past criminal records, 15 drug-related. Also, he is wanted under Section 15(1)(a) of the Dangerous Drugs Act. 

He has been remanded for four days for breaking into a house to commit burglary. 

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Penalty for Burglary in Malaysia

Under Section 457 of the Penal Code, for trespassing to steal, the drunkard could be imprisoned for up to five years and liable to a fine.

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