YouTubers Filmed Themselves Trespassing into Night Safari While Drunk

Last Updated on 2023-01-03 , 9:40 am

A group of four tourists from the United States decided to get drunk and visit the Singapore Night Safari. They videoed their whole visit and posted it on TikTok.

Having the Time of Their Lives

Youtubers 4fun published on TikTok their entire process of drinking and going wild at Night Safari on 26 December 2022. 

They first picked up bottles of soju from a convenience store and proceeded to drink their merry way to the Night Safari premises. It sounds like a typical Friday night

Image: @4funguys_ / TikTok

It was unclear if the in-video captions were accurate, as the group claimed they jumped off a Night Safari guided tour tram at 2 am to visit the vicinities of the premise themselves.

However, the Night Safari operates only until midnight, with the last entry for visitors at 11:15 pm. 

Image: @4funguys_ / TikTok

However, they might have remained on the premises after midnight. The lights appeared to be off while exploring the area.

One of the 4fun guys even commented he “could not see past two feet”, suggesting the lights were off. The darkness would support the possibility that they stayed behind after the park was closed. 

Image: @4funguys_ / TikTok

The group then disturbed a sleeping wallaby marsupial and even tried climbing a rockface. 

Image: @4funguys_ / TikTok
Image: @4funguys_ / TikTok

They even tried to attract the attention of a free-roaming hyena using chips. Not cool at all.

Image: @4funguys_ / TikTok

Possible Rules Broken

The group may have committed criminal trespass. According to the Penal Code Section 441, the group has illegally stayed on the premises and tried to annoy the animals and staff. 

It is also possible they have violated Mandai Wildlife Group’s terms and conditions of “undesirable conduct” under the section “Behaviour in the Parks” subsection 12.3.7. The local authorities could consider their action of touching the wallaby marsupial and attempting to feed the hyena as disturbing the animals. 

Furthermore, you cannot drink in public from 10:30 pm till 7 am here in Singapore as the local authorities have tightened alcohol restrictions after the 2013 Little India riots involving drunk rioters. The group filmed themselves drinking in public. 

It is funny how the police have all the evidence they need in just a short 1:26-minute TikTok clip. 

Netizens’ Response

Many netizens were critical of the group’s behaviour at Night Safari. 

Image: TikTok

Some of them also advised on Singapore’s strict stance on criminal acts. 

Image: TikTok

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Mandai Wildlife Group’s Response 

Speaking to Mothership, Mandai Wildlife Group appeared unhappy about this incident. 

They said they could confirm that the incident occurred after opening hours, as the animals were retired to secure off-exhibit rest areas and the lights were off on the premises.

They take their animals’ welfare as their priority, and they have since lodged a police report regarding the group’s trespassing activities out of concern for their animals’ wellbeings. 

They fear there may be copycat behaviour in the future and thank the online TikTok community who have called on the sensibilities that could even put lives in danger.

Even if this video is “just a fun”, as Uncle Raymond may say about his dancing videos, we are sure they will get into trouble with the local authorities soon.

You can watch their whole misadventure here:

@4funguys_Youtube: 4fun♬ original sound – 4fun

As the famous saying goes, “Just because you could, doesn’t mean you should”. 

The group should not be doing something that could endanger their lives or the innocent animals they crossed paths with at Night Safari. 

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Featured Image: @4funguys_ / TikTok