You Can Now Experience a Real Zombie Apocalypse in S’pore for 13 Hours


Ever thought that the world was too boring? Ever played the game Left 4 Dead or any other zombie game? Ever wondered and wanted to know how it would be like being in a zombie apocalypse?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all three questions, I have good (or bad) news for you!

Palau Zombie is a pop-up experience; a chance for players to live out their wildest zombie apocalypse fantasies away from civilization.

Not sure why anyone has this fantasy, but well.

Players are refugees who have paid human traffickers to get to the Quarantine Zone in Papua New Guinea. Stranded on a deserted island, they must wait for a midnight vessel at Camp Darah Hitam (Camp Black Blood).

They are at the mercy of Tok Kusno, a deranged cult leader and his violent followers, until the ship arrives. One of the refugees is secretly infected with the undead virus. Thereafter, it’s a traditional survival game where more survivals are bitten and turned, and you have to try to survive the night.

But of course, you’re not in Papua New Guinea, but in St. John’s Island.

At least it’s still “overseas”, right? Because in Singapore mainland, the scariest shit isn’t a zombie but a GST increase.

This innovative real-life survival game’s produced by Void Deck Games, a local indie startup. They are committed to creating an authentic, immersive and exclusive zombie survival experience, starting from pregame packages to survivor meals, the ride to the island, gameplay, and in-character interaction.

Pulau Zombie may last up to 13 hours, stretching from dusk to dawn, depending on the characters’ survival rate.

Need further reasons to go for it?


You don’t start the game with every single weapon at your collection. No. Like the real thing, you start out with no weapons, bullets or special items. You would need to earn gold by completing missions to gear up!

The hidden infected survivor is totally undetectable. Which means any of your ‘friends’ could be waiting to bite into your lovely flesh. There are also limited resources and finite spots on the rescue boat. Moral of the story? Look out for yourself first; help others second.



You saw that right. There are actual NPCs! They won’t just be standing there idling around either; they are responsible for giving you missions, divulging special secrets and maybe, just maybe, the ticket out. Or they could just be baying for your blood and you will die a lonely death.

Image: Game Spot

Special Undead

If you’ve played Left 4 Dead before, you would know about the irritating zombies – the special ones, especially the Tank and Charger.

Who haven’t run away with pee in their pants after encountering the horrifying Tank? Nobody? Guess it’s just me then.


Anyways, there will be Special Undead zombies in the game, ones that wouldn’t die no matter how many bullets you fire into that thing. So suit up, be smart and just run if you see them.

Image: Steam

There will only be a one-night run on 2 September 2017 with limited sign ups, where the last survivor to escape the island and the top 3 killing zombies would get special prizes! So sign up as fast as you can!


Note: This game isn’t suitable for those below 18 and with serious health problems. All participants must sign a death and injury waiver. This game will be physically and mentally tiring so do be prepared for it. You can however choose to retire if you find the experience too extreme.

Tickets are from $155 to $308.65, depending on what character you want to be.

Click here for more information.


Now, before you go apeshit and think that you’re better off as a zombie instead, you can email the organizers at [email protected]. You might just be engaged as a zombie instead.

After all, scaring others is better than getting scared, right?

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