You Can Now Get $0.50 Voucher for Recycling 5 Used Bottles, Just To Get More Plastic

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All of us must have encountered a project to do at least once.

It usually starts off with brainstorming, where ridiculous ideas are rejected, and those that screamed ‘possibility’ are worked on and perfected.

Well…I don’t think that was the case for F&N and NTUC.

Both companies paired up to launch its first reverse vending machine at Waterway Point.

Image: CNA

The machine eats up used cans and bottles and sort them out using “advanced technology”, according to Channel NewsAsia.

If you recycle five used containers, you’ll get a $0.50 voucher.

Yay money!

Wait, there’s a catch.

The vouchers can only be used to purchase F&N’s Ice Mountain Water.

Uh huh, what’s wrong with that?

Image: F&N Beverages Marketing

Ohh … it’s in plastic…right.

Yea, and you can only use the vouchers in FairPrice supermarkets.

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F&N said this recycling programme aims to provide Singaporeans a convenient way of recycling used cans and bottles with the assistance of the machine.

More reverse vending machines will soon be installed at Yew Tee Point and Bukit Merah Central’s FairPrice outlets.

F&N‘s general manager Jennifer See hopes that the company can “encourage and reward consumers to recycle the cans and bottles at their convenience when they go shopping for their groceries.”

Personally, I think the common big blue recycling bin found everywhere are more convenient.

Image: NUS Blog

Fairprice also hopes to “inculcate a recycling culture”, according to their corporate social responsibility committee Jonas Kor.

What netizens have to say

Well, I think the whole situation is quite self-explanatory.

They’re rewarding us for recycling by encouraging us to buy more plastic.

Just the most wonderful idea ever.

And many netizens think the same too.

There’s one who agrees that the vouchers are worth nothing.

Image: CNA Facebook Page

There’s one who finds all these efforts a hoax.

Image: CNA Facebook Page

And of course, there will always be a joker.

But he/she is right, you know.

Image: CNA Facebook Page

And we have one who has way better ideas than the two companies.

Can someone hire this person instead?

Image: CNA Facebook Page

New year but no new and better ideas.

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