Song Joongki’s Girlfriend Allegedly “Pregnant” As They Were Spotted in an OBGYN Clinic


Descendants of the Sun fans, have you guys moved on from the Song-Song couple’s divorce?

Well, even if you haven’t, looks like Song Joong Ki did, anyway. But with his new relationship, it seems like there’s something spicy going on.

Who’s the New Girl?

The identity of the lucky girl was revealed earlier today to be a non-celebrity British woman, and the media and his fans have not let the couple out of their sight.

The lovebirds have been spotted going on dates, including at the Marina Bay Sands earlier this month when he was here for a press conference for his new JTBC drama series Reborn Rich.

With so many speculations and his agency declining to deny or confirm anything, wild rumours have spread like fire. One included the suspected identity of the new girlfriend.

Some fans have claimed that the woman could be British-naturalized Italian actress Katy Louise Saunders.

During his Daesang (Grand Prize) acceptance speech at the APAN STAR AWARDS held on 29 September, he thanked, “Katy, Narla, Maya, Antes”.

Some sharp-eyed CSI fans found that on Katy’s old Facebook post, her dogs are named Mata and Antes.

Image: Katy Louise Saunders Facebook

Coincidence? I think not. That just leaves the mystery of who Narla is.

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Is She Pregnant With A Child?

But it seems like prior to his previous relationship, he prefers to keep this one private.

On 22 December, an online post announced that the couple might soon tie the knot.


In the comments, an anonymous user claimed that someone he knew saw the couple visiting the OBGYN’s office because the actress was pregnant.

Image: Allkpop

His agency has declined to comment on any information surrounding the couple, including the rumours that his girlfriend is pregnant with their baby.

Seems like just like his character in Vincenzo, Song Joong Ki will remain dark and mysterious in his private life.

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