New Survey Shows 85% of S’poreans Looking to Change Job in the Next 6 to 12 Months


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In 2021, Singapore was officially classified as the “most fatigued” country in the world. We also came in first runner up as the country that worked the most number of hours per year.

To be exact, we spent around 2,238 hours working annually.

In our fast-paced society, it is needless to say that Singaporeans are heavily invested in our jobs.

Presently, it looks like we’re in a situation whereby most of us aren’t so satisfied with our current jobs though.

New Survey Shows 85% of S’poreans Looking to Change Job in the Next 6 to 12 Months

A new Global Hiring Realities’ survey was recently conducted by Morgan McKinley, a recruitment consultancy firm.

It showed that 85% of Singaporeans are looking to change jobs in the next six to 12 months.

Not a small figure.

But why exactly do such a huge bulk of employees want to switch jobs?

Strikingly, the most common reason listed by a majority of professionals for wanting to leave their current employer was aligned: Most of them cited that there was a lack of flexible working arrangements.

Regarding that concern, some employers are already taking steps to adopt different work arrangements. 90% of those surveyed mentioned that they have already changed their policies.

Apart from that, employers are also trying to retain and attract talent by increasing salaries and compensations. According to 45% of employers, that is the “most effective form of talent attraction”.

Gurj Sandhu, managing director of Morgan McKinley, stated that “The Great Resignation is real” from the data gathered.

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Close to 1 in 2 Singaporean Declined Job Offers

The survey also highlighted that 46% of Singaporean PMETs had declined job offers.

Moreover, approximately 65% of global employers have lost their preferred candidates because of tedious hiring processes.

Well, it appears that employees are choosing employers now, no?


While retaining talents is not an easy task for any management, it is not impossible.

Here are ten practices companies may choose to do:

  • Promote flexibility in working hours
  • Allow employees to show their talents
  • Offer perks and benefits
  • Do regular team bonding activities
  • Invest in the career growth of employees
  • Foster a healthy and open company culture
  • Schedule time for a performance review
  • Show verbal signs of affirmation
  • Match salaries fairly
  • Attempt to mitigate stress and burnout

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