Jack Neo Dropped Ah Girls Go Army CNY Music Video Singing Classic CNY Song

While many of us would know by now that Chinese New Year (CNY) starts on 1 February this year, there’s also something else happening in Singapore on that day.

The release of Jack Neo’s new movie, Ah Girls Go Army.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the upcoming Jack Neo film, which involves exploring Singaporean women’s lives as fresh recruits in the army.

The movie asks the question of if Singaporean women are able to step up to the plate just like men, and depicts the recruits warming up to the idea of National Service over the course of the movie.

This film comes after the well-acclaimed Ah Boys To Men (ABTM) series, also directed by Neo.

And to join the incoming festivities, Neo released a music video (MV) of the cast members singing a classic CNY song on Facebook yesterday.

The video featured cast members Yong Yu, Juliet Hor, Veracia Yong, Vanessa Tiara, Debra Loi and Summer Loh. Apart from that, the cast also includes other actresses such as Samantha Tan and Farah Farook. It also stars Apple Chan, who previously appeared in the fourth installation of ABTM.

With a mix of cheongsams, casual outfits and vest slack (adorned with red sleeveless crop tops), the video included scenes of the actresses singing, dancing and rapping along to 大地回春 (Spring Has Returned).

Watch the MV here:

Judging from the largely positive comments on Neo’s Facebook video, it’s safe to say that the MV was a success. (Or maybe someone’s been moderating the comments very regularly.)

Although the CNY song probably doesn’t have much to do with the actual movie itself, it was nice to see that the MV gave the actresses a way to be remembered by the audience even before the movie release itself.

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With the movie being released in less than two weeks, it’s definitely something to look out for should you have time to catch a movie during the CNY break.

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Featured Image: Facebook (JackNeoCK)