Changi Airport Group is Recruiting Again & is Looking to Hire Over 6,600 Workers

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For a long time, Changi Airport was a bustling site, full of travellers and workers alike.

But that all changed when the pandemic struck.

Clusters occurred, terminals were closed, flights were halted and worst of all, many workers were laid off.

However, with restrictions being eased, the airport is now working toward returning to its once lively state.

Hiring Airport Workers On the Spot

In light of air travel coming back in full force, Changi Airport is looking to hire more than 6,600 workers, as it embarks on one of its biggest recruitment drives.

In a statement posted on its website on Tuesday (17 May), Changi Airport Group (CAG) said that people will be hired on the spot at the One Aviation Careers Fair.

The event will take place at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre next Friday and Saturday.

More than 20 aviation companies will be conducting on-site interviews.

Jobs Being Offered

If you are looking to be employed by the airport, there are many vacancies to be filled.

Hiring will be focused on frontline passenger service positions, as well as newly created roles in innovation and technology.

Behind-the-scene workers such as ground handlers will also be in high demand, with both SATS and dnata looking for more hands.

There are also job vacancies in the quality assurance team, which checks for food contaminant at the microbial level, and for airport emergency service and cyber security officers.

“At this growth rate, Changi is expected to recover more than half of its pre-COVID-19 passenger volume in 2022,” CAG said.

It also added that “a positive vibe and energy” are returning to Changi. With more flights and passengers, more airport staff are needed to support this growth.

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Recovering Losses During Pandemic

The air transport sector lost about a quarter to a third of its airport workers during the pandemic.

Last year, Changi Airport also lost its long-held status as the world’s best airport.


However, with air travel quickly returning to pre-COVID-19 levels — estimated by 2023 — CAG is making sure to increase its capacity in tandem, so that manpower bottlenecks do not become a limiting factor in Changi’s ambition to restore its air hub status.

Already, CAG has had to reschedule “a very small number of flights” to spread them apart during high peak periods.

Observers also said CAG is approving flights more cautiously, despite airlines now clambering to once more use the slots they had vacated in the last two years.

Competitive Employment Benefits

While filling the 6,600 job vacancies will not bring aviation employment levels back to 2019 levels, it is the industry’s first such drive in two years.

CAG said its airport partners are offering competitive salaries, good incentives and better career prospects.

Singapore Airlines has also said it will gradually restore its pilots’ basic salaries to pre-COVID-19 levels by January next year.


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