China Officials Removed From Office For Using Rubbish Trucks To Deliver Meat To Wuhan Residents

Once in a while, I peruse an article headline and go: “Oh my gawd, faith in humanity restored!” This one, lest you’re wondering…

Is not one of them.

China Officials Removed From Office For Using Rubbish Trucks To Deliver Meat To Wuhan Residents

Do you consider yourself a devoted Humanitarian with an impeccable golden heart who’s well above the likes of Angelina Jolie? Because if you do…

You’re best advised to look away right now.

According to Global Times, a neighbourhood committee in Wuhan was caught using garbage trucks to deliver frozen meat to residents.

1,000 bags of frozen meat, to be exact. All garnished with a little Sembcorp-like flavour.


Image: Giphy

And no, I’m not joshing you. Look.

Image: Weibo (CecileType)

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Image: Weibo (CecileType)
Image: Weibo (CecileType)
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I think I just puked a little in my mouth.

According to Global Times, the Qingshan district government of Wuhan was alerted to the news after receiving online tip-offs. The community’s believed to be named “Gangdu Garden”.

By the time the discovery’s made, a whopping 530 bags have been delivered.

Heads Rolled

After reports of the incident broke out, the neighbourhood committee reportedly appointed working groups to go door to door to apologise and recall the maligned meat. They then promised to distribute “clean and safe” meat on Thursday (11 March).

The implicated meat has since been destroyed.

Two officials have also been unceremoniously ejected from the office; one of them’s believed to have been the chief and deputy director of the neighbourhood committee.

Coronavirus Outbreak

Ever since the entire Coronavirus ruckus broke out, the city of Wuhan has been locked down in a bid to contain the virus.

Image: NPR

And to prevent the spread of Covid-19, most residents have been barred from going out to shop. Instead, officials and volunteers have been handed the responsibility of delivering necessities (such as groceries) to local residents.

While it’s undoubtedly a solid plan to mitigate unnecessary risks, one can’t help but wonder:

“Wouldn’t I be better off contracting a highly infectious pathogen that’s capable of infecting thousands at one go, if the alternative’s dying from garbage-stained meat?”

Well, I guess that’s life for you. Even in tumultuous times full of shit, you’re still gonna get shit thrown at you via shit trucks.

What shitty times indeed, shit.

On a side note, you can peruse other more pleasantry article headlines here and here; they probably aren’t enough to remove that bad taste in your mouth, but at the very least, they’re not gonna get you to call a genocidal move on humanity.

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