Police Still Looking for Some People Fighting with Parangs in Chinatown Condo


You’ve got to wonder: have the Circuit Breaker caused more people to lose their temper a lot easier?

Last week, an NParks officer was stabbed after he confronted a man who wasn’t wearing a mask.

Yesterday night, a man died from his injuries after being stabbed, and the police are still on a manhunt for the suspect. Or suspects.

And yesterday morning, a fight broke out in People’s Park Centre condominium, and the police are still looking for some of the suspects.

I guess days of police officers handcuffing non-violent Sovereigns are history, because they’re now doing what they’ve signed up for: catching criminals.

Police Still Looking for Some People Fighting with Parangs in Chinatown Condo

Yesterday morning, a video went viral on Facebook and WhatsApp.

It shows a group of youths in black that looked like they were waiting for someone.

Then all of a sudden, a group of people in colourful clothing appeared and started to attack them, with some carrying parangs and one carrying a helmet.

I’ve watched the video countless times and it looks like a scene from Final Fantasy VII: the entire colourful group seemed to be attacking the group in black so that this lady here could pass by the area while being protected by this guy with a baseball cap.

The couple managed to get to the other side of the area.

You can watch the video here:


So, what really happened?

Police Investigating; 1 Conveyed to Hospital

Unfortunately, it’s still unknown why the red-haired lady had to pass by the area.

The police said that a “19-year-old man was conveyed conscious to Singapore General Hospital. Three persons have been arrested at the scene and a manhunt operation is currently underway to arrest the other people involved in the rioting case.”

Obviously you can see more than three people there.


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According to The Straits Times, the youth who was injured has been released from a welfare home since 2018 and is a “likeable and jovial person” who is “willing to improve and progress in life”, according to an organisation that mentors wayward youth.

Mr Shari Jumaat, who’s part of the organisation and knows the youth personally, says that the youth was “at the wrong place, at the wrong time.”

The entire incident happened yesterday (10 May 2020) at 3:30am.

Police investigations are still ongoing.

If found guilty of rioting while armed with a deadly weapon, a person will face up to 10 years’ imprisonment as well as caning.

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