Chinese Restaurants in S’pore Paying Up to 3 Times The Salary for People to Work During CNY


Last Updated on 2022-12-13 , 3:29 pm

Looking to make some quick cash?

Well, an opportunity is coming up for you in just a month’s time!

Chinese restaurants in Singapore are willing to triple your salary this upcoming Chinese New Year.

Here’s what you need to know about it.

Chinese Restaurants in Singapore Offering Pay Increases

We all know how busy Chinese restaurants can get during the Chinese New Year period.

We ourselves struggle to even get a reservation at our favourite restaurants.

While we continue to deal with that, the restaurants themselves struggle with another issue: having enough staff members to work over the lunar holiday.

Expecting a hike in the number of patrons and a drop in the number of staff during Chinese New Year, several Chinese restaurants are now offering pay increases to appeal to the money-minded among us.

This is also in anticipation of an influx of patrons, given that this Chinese New Year will be the first in a couple of years where we are no longer bound by stringent restrictions imposed due to COVID-19.

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Chinese Restaurant Chain Dian Xiao Er Offering Triple Their Usual Salary

Some Chinese restaurants, such as Quan Le Yan Seafood and Ban Heng Restaurant, are offering staff a 10 to 15 per cent hike on their salaries to work over the Chinese New Year holiday.

An acclaimed Chinese restaurant chain, Dian Xiao Er, is looking to go even bigger.

Go big or go home, right?

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The CEO of Dian Xiao Er has revealed that they will be paying three times the usual salary on certain days of the Chinese New Year holiday.

Currently, part-time workers at the restaurant are paid at the rate of $12 per hour.


If they work on certain days of the festive season, namely the eve, first, and second day, they will be paid $36 per hour.

For the remainder of the full Chinese New Year period, they will be paid $24 per hour.

If the daily remuneration of a full-time worker is $130, they will be paid $390 per day during that period.

The CEO also shared that in addition to such pay increases and year-end bonuses, the Chinese restaurant chain also provides its employees with career planning opportunities.

This includes job trainings, as well as the active implementation of digital solutions in order to improve productivity and efficiency.


One thing’s for sure: MyCareersFuture is going to love what Dian Xiao Er is doing.

Looking For Dedicated, Experienced, Highly Competent and Motivated Individuals

If you’re enticed by Dian Xiao Er’s offer to triple your salary over Chinese New Year, here’s what they’re looking for, according to their website.

Image: Dian Xiao Er

It appears that at the Chinese restaurant chain, they strive to ensure all employees are treated with proper respect, and that all employees are happy and motivated.

Sounds pretty appealing.

Image: Dian Xiao Er

The restaurant chain is looking for kitchen helpers as well as waiters and waitresses.

For waiters and waitresses, there are slots open for full-time, part-time and even flexi-hour arrangements.


That means that even students who need flexible hours can apply to be a waiter or waitress at Dian Xiao Er.

If you have experience in any of these areas, you’re welcome to apply to join the team over at Dian Xiao Er!

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