Beach Road Slashing Victim Revealed in First Public Interview on What Happened


Remember that gruesome public violence at Beach Road?

Image: Facebook (Farouk Hakim)

If you have been worried for the woman, fret not. She’s living her best life right now.

In fact, she’s thriving. 

They Were A Married Couple

On 14 April 2022, 42-year-old Chinese national Han Hongli was busy working away in the kitchen of her workplace, a steamboat restaurant, much like any other day.

But an ordinary day soon became a horrific nightmare when her estranged husband showed up with a chopper at her workplace, determined to wreak absolute havoc.

In a brutally heartless attack, the husband inflicted more than 40 slash wounds on her body and severed one of her fingers. Her life might have even ended that day had it not been thanks to intervention from the public, who threw all sorts of junk that could fend off her husband, including plastic chairs.

And the government even joined in, by (possibly) throwing him behind bars.

Image: Salt & Light

Talking to Salt & Light, she shared that the couple was separated.

The attack was something she didn’t even see coming, nor could she flee in time because her husband had caught her by the hair.

Being hospitalized after the attack was another agonizing time for her.  Anger, hatred, and resentment for her husband turned into constant suicidal thoughts while she lay injured in the room alone.

Being a nominal Christian (which explains why she spoke to Salt & Light, a Christian platform), she questioned God about why this had occurred to her. Talking in Mandarin, she explained that she “worked hard” her whole life and has “not done anything to harm anymore”.

Simply put, she felt that God had abandoned her at the worst period of her life. What she had no idea was that he would soon show His love for her.

Under the harsh surgical lights, she saw a vision of angels guarding her. She wasn’t sure then, but when she met Eric Lee, a volunteer manager from The Sojurn Programme, her belief in the visions was solidified.

Image: The Salvation Army

The Sojurn program, run by The Salvation Army, aimed to address the needs of Singapore’s migrant labour community by capturing the journey of the injured and providing them the help necessary, such as temporary shelter, therapy, counseling, etc.

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Recovering From the Pain

Eric had visited Hongli on a regular basis and it was through him that her faith was restored.

Prior to the incident, she had a hustler mindset; she wanted to make as much money as possible for her two children back in China, aged 20 and 17.


Going to the church was something she didn’t deem necessary; time was money and the church was for old ladies with nothing better to do.

I think she forgot that there are people of all ages in the Church…

Socializing with the Christian volunteers, however, has opened her eyes to see that there was still so much more to life, as well as being reminded of God’s unconditional love for her.

With her newly restored faith, she put absolute trust that God could regain healing in her left eye.

Modern science has left the chat.


The attack had left her eye entirely blind, with her retina only having a 5% chance of recovering even with a donated cornea.

She decided to entirely forego the operation, which cost up to $20,000, even with the funds gathered from the online fundraiser for her—an amount of more than $100,000—because it was just not justifiable to bet so much on such a slim recovery.

Sound fair enough; modern science has rejoined the chat.

Today, she still has yet to regain sight in her left eye. This doesn’t faze her, though, she believes that God is showing her love in other forms.

For example, she now has the confidence to move about on her own. Strangers’ stares do not bother her anymore.

Image: The Thirst Collective

Her hands, which were gravely wounded, have recovered most of their strength back. She can now grasp items and lift up to 2 kg thanks to rehabilitation and surgery to reconnect her nerves.


Even her mental health has bounced back. She no longer has suicidal thoughts and adopted a more optimistic approach to her life.

Forgiving her Husband?

Absolutely not. Sorry, not sorry. I mean, that’s what I would feel.

Hongli has said she initially hated him, but decided to eventually forgive him on the day of her birthday. She may not have completely forgiven him yet, but she’s gradually working in that direction. She even started by praying for her conversion.

She hoped that “he will realize his wrong” and someone would introduce him to the Gospel so that he, too, would know God.

Modern science might have left the chat again.


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Featured Image: Salt & Light