Guest Who Sat Next to Song Joongki in an Indian Wedding Thought He Was Hyun Bin


Most of us will likely never bump into celebrities in our lifetime.

So imagine going to a wedding and seeing the Song Joong Ki there. Not a wedding in Korea, by the way; it was one in Bali.

The Handsome Guest

The wedding in Bali was an Indian wedding held at The Ritz-Carlton.

The married couple may have been the centre of attention, but Song also had some on him.

According to Zaobao, one of the guests shared their interaction with Song on the Chinese social media platform Weibo.

Image: 会火 (Weibo)

She had sat next to him throughout the ceremony, and they had talked for more than 20 minutes

Funny enough, she initially thought Song was another Korean actor, Hyun Bin, who played the male lead in Crash Landing On You.


How is that mix-up possible when both of them have polar opposite looks?

She allegedly came close to asking Song whether he was Hyun Bin, but thankfully, didn’t. It would have been very embarrassing if she did.

The Korean star also showed how much of a charmer he is, as she added how Song once became thirsty and got up to get a glass of water. In a typical gentlemanly style, he also got up to get water for everyone else at the table.



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Song In Singapore

If you were dedicated enough, you might have already seen Song when he came to Singapore for the Reborn Rich press conference.

The new drama follows the revenge story of Hyeon Woo (Song Joong-Ki), an employee of Soonyang Group for more than ten years, being betrayed by the vice-chairman (Kim Nam-Hee) and murdered, only to be reincarnated into the body of Do Jun, the grandson of the founder of the company.

Some hardcore fans even showed up at 6:30 am at Resort World Sentosa just to catch a glimpse of the man of their dreams.

Hey, I was there too, at 6:30 am, in my dreams. 

By the way, the event didn’t take place that early in the morning; it was actually at 2 PM.

Maybe I can understand why they love him this much to go this far; man actually took the time to learn English.

Throughout the whole press conference, he responded to all inquiries from the host and reporters in English. There were a few where he had to rely on the translator for help in understanding, but generally, he could speak with ease directly to the media.

So now you know you don’t need to worry about language barriers with him in case you became his girlfriend hehe.

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