Chinese Version of Produce 101 Season One May Have JJ Lin and Jolin Cai as Instructors


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If you have been a loyal fan of the viral Korean reality show ‘Produce 101’, you might have heard that there’s a Chinese version.

About Produce 101

The original show had two seasons, one with all female contestants, and the other with all male.

The show starts off with 101 contestants from various entertainment agencies. Some have already debuted while some are still trainees.

Through various missions as well as eliminations through a voting system, the final 11 contestants will form an idol group and debut.

The group will only be active for a period of time before they disband and move on with their respective idol life.

These are the two famous groups that the show has produced:

Produce 101 season one: I.O.I

Image: Soompi
Image: Soompi

Produce 101 season two : Wanna One

Image: Soompi
Image: Soompi

This year, China released their own version of Produce 101.

The show is called Idol Producer.


100 male contestants from varies agencies come together to receive training from their ‘instructors’.

The team of insturctors consists of Jackson Wang (GOT7) and MC Jin for Rap, Li Ronghao for Vocal as well as Cheng Xiao (WJSN/Cosmic Girls) and Zhou Jieqiong (Pristin/ former member of I.O.I) for Dance.

The team of coaches is led by Nation’s Producer Zhang Yixing (Lay from EXO).


Contestants will slowly be eliminated based on various assessments and voting.

The final nine members will debut as a group.

Female version

Similar to Korea, sources revealed that Tencent is going to have a female version as well.

The main MCs were rumoured to include Tao (former member of EXO) and Zhang Jie.


According to ETtoday, it will start recording on 23 March, and the show will be produced by the same producer for the hit reality show Singer.

Image: WeChat

The namelist of the instructors was also revealed :

  • Main MC: Tao
  • Vocal instructor:Zhang Jie, Ella (S.H.E)
  • Creative instructor: Yoga Lin, Tiger Hu
  • Dance instructor: Show Luo, Wang Yibo

But according to another source, only the main MC remains the same.

  • Vocal instructor:Tiger Hu, JJ Lin
  • Dance instructor: Jolin Cai, Wang Yibo
  • Rap instructor: Masiwei

Regarding these rumours, there have been no official statements released yet.

Fans of this viral show are excited to see the chemistry between the male and female group.

What about you? Are you excited for the show?

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