Not Unexpectedly, IT Grads Have One of The Highest Starting Pays


Many people would think it’s mostly guys who are in the IT field but don’t let that stereotype fool you.

There are actually lots of females doing IT-related courses now.

Why? Well, this is the 21st century and it’s 2018, we are now all over-reliant on technology.

Which is a good thing to take up IT courses, be it a diploma, a degree or just for your knowledge, because this is an extremely good skill to have especially in our technology-evolving society.

IT jobs now are top 10 of the highest paying jobs in the world and is even said to rise another 15% in the next decade.

Damn, maybe I should also go take up an IT course?

A survey conducted in November 2017 showed that graduates from NUS, NTU & SMU have an average gross salary of $3,400 per month.

The numbers have increased from $3,300 the previous year.

NUS graduates with a double degree in business and computing have an even higher gross salary of $5,000 per month, as compared to $4,600 in 2016.

However, despite the pay increment, an increase of 0.6% of graduates in 2017 did not manage to find a job within six months of their final examinations.

Experts have pointed out that because of the high demand for graduates in IT fields, it pushes up the salaries for employees who are qualified.

Associate Professor Goh Khim Yong, vice-dean of corporate relations at the NUS School of Computing quoted, “It is not far-fetched to say that every sector needs IT.

It is like an ‘all-access pass’ and the force that ties industries such as transportation and even media together”.

Regret not taking an IT related course now?

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