Chiou Huey Claims She Loses 100+ IG Followers Whenever She Posts Bikini Pics

You might have seen her in some old SGAG videos before. 

Known for her comedic skits, Chiou Huey is loved by many for her original sense of humour and her unique loudness, among many other things. 

Surprisingly, one thing fans don’t appreciate her for is her body. 

Chiou Huey Claims She Loses 100+ IG Followers Whenever She Posts Bikini Pics

You’d think people would be attracted to young, attractive ladies posting more skin on Instagram. That’s not true for Ee Chiou Huey’s audience,  who unfollow her whenever she reveals more. 

Yesterday (5 January), she posted a revealing photo with a lengthy caption explaining her journey with body positivity. 

For so long, she has “restrained” herself from posting them because she was “afraid of people judging (her).”

Each time she posts them, she loses a lot of followers, sometimes more than a hundred. Because of this, she’s “always been very conscious when it (came) to posting bikini pics.”

Confronting the judgement, she said her “resolution for 2023 (was) definitely to work towards being confident in (herself).” 

Also, she wishes to regard her own opinions as higher than others, unlike what she’s previously done. 

The ex-SGAG member longs for the “freedom to do whatever makes (her) happy” and wishes to be “confident enough to not bother about people’s perceptions of (her).”

To clarify, the photo she posted was taken six months ago, but she has deliberated on posting it. 

Looks like she’s taken the first step towards her resolution. 


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Many Supporting Her

Body positivity is on the rise, with many promoting acceptance and openness amongst different body types. 

After posting, many supported her and praised her figure. 

Image: Instagram (Chiou Huey)
Image: Instagram (Chiou Huey)

Also, people echoed her in being more confident, telling her to ignore what others say. 

Image: Instagram (Chiou Huey)

One user even expressed disbelief at how she lost followers when posting more revealing photos. 

Image: Instagram (Chiou Huey)

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what others think. As long as you’re happy, it’ll all be OK.

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Featured Image: Instagram (Chiou Huey)