Mum Demands Compensation from Enrichment Centre After Son Broke His Teeth There

Singapore’s parents are often overprotective, and for good reason. 

After all, they’re caring over the Strawberry Generation.

Wouldn’t want your berry to bruise or chip a tooth, right?

Mum Demands Compensation from Enrichment Centre After Son Broke His Teeth There

The December holidays are supposed to be fun-filled and relaxing. For one boy, however, it turned ugly. 

Reporting the incident to Shin Min Daily News, a mother, Wu Liyu (name transliterated from Chinese), said her son broke his two front teeth on the premises of an enrichment centre, Little Earth Education Centre. 

One fine day, when the housewife went to pick her son up after a day at the centre, the teachers returned her son to her crying. 

“When the teacher brought him back, he cried nonstop. Only then did the teacher tell me he broke his front teeth in the playground.”

Instantaneously, she brought her child to the dentist to seek treatment. After examination, the dentist found that most of the child’s two permanent incisors were broken, and one of the teeth’s nerves was exposed. 

Since he isn’t 21 yet, the 8-year-old boy can’t receive dental implants and can only fill the teeth, which will cost more than $1,000. From now onwards, he can’t chew or eat soft and sticky foods. 


Apart from asking for a refund for the remainder of the classes, she has asked for compensation, which the centre has agreed to. They would return her the remaining $539 in class fees and another $500 for the incident. 

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Not The Centre’s Fault? 

By now, it might seem like the centre is entirely at fault. 

But what if I told you they weren’t? 

According to Little Earth Education Centre, the child wandered off to play elsewhere. In other words, he slid out of the teachers’ detection and suffered the consequences. 

While this might be true, Wu claimed that the teacher responsible for watching over the students was using her phone and sitting on the swing during the incident. 

If they had gone to the dentist without delay, the broken teeth could have been treated, but unfortunately, the teachers didn’t immediately alert Wu or any medical personnel. 

By the time he was sent to receive treatment, it was already too late. 

So, whose side are you on?

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