A City Desperately Attempts To Curb Jaywalking By Installing MRT Gantries At One Intersection


No matter how well-developed a country is, one problem that will never fade away, among others, is the problem of jaywalking.

Yes, even in Singapore itself where we have (theoretically) well-organised roads, plenty of traffic lights, underpasses and overhead bridges for safe crossing of roads.

The number of traffic accidents involving elderly pedestrians jaywalking increased from 57 in 2015 to 81 in 2016, according to the Annual Road Traffic Situation released by the Traffic Police.

So I’m not really surprised to know other countries are having the same problem. But check out what this city’s desperate measure to stop jaywalking is.

Wuhan, The City Who Is Desperate to Curb Jaywalking

If education and warnings don’t work, what else can be done? The local government in Wuhan decided to at least make one intersection safe by putting an obstacle in jaywalkers’ path. Literally.

Safety gates, which looked like the gantries in their subways (think MRT) were installed on the sidewalk to prevent people from jaywalking.


These gates will open and close with the changing of traffic lights.

In addition, cameras are placed to catch jaywalkers who ignored the gates and cross the roads, own time own target.

These people’s faces will be shown on a large screen to other people at the intersection for all other pedestrians to see.

Of course, whether it’ll shame them, or get the other pedestrians to monkey-see-monkey-do still remains to be seen.

But looking at the track record, chances are the local government might need more than that to deter people from jaywalking.

Other Notable Attempts to Curb Jaywalking

Of course, the city of Wuhan isn’t the first to try innovative ways at stopping jaywalking.

The city of Shenzhen made jaywalkers wear a green vest and cap in 2015. Of course, the fact that they’re wearing such bright colours might help drivers see them before they were knocked down is a bonus.

In Shanghai, jaywalkers who were caught had to stand on a podium and read a newspaper out loud to passers-by. However, since new regulations regarding jaywalkers came into effect, there were allegedly no more jaywalkers on the streets.

In Qingdao, a traffic assistant went berserk and attacked a jaywalker with a hammer. The jaywalker was trying to beat the red light and cross the busy street but was caught by the traffic assistant.

After arguing for a moment, the traffic assistant pulled out a hammer and whacked her in the head. She continued to hit her until she collapsed onto the ground.

Instead of escaping immediately after, she shouted at the bystanders that she will not let anyone run a red light.


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