These CNG Taxis Are Going to Be History Soon. Here’s What You Should Know


With more private hire cars coming in to play, the market for taxis seems to look gloomy.

This trend undoubtedly affects the market as a whole, especially for CNG taxis.

Compressed natural gas taxis, or what we would call CNG taxis, were totally scrapped last month.

The demise of the greener taxis was attributed to several reasons, such as restrictions imposed on transportation and storage of CNG, which have made setting up of new stations difficult.

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Additionally, CNG taxis face more technical difficulties than regular taxis, and taxi drivers found it troublesome to drive to one of the three refuelling stations that we have on the island.

Asian Clean Fuels Association director Clarence Woo said CNG is a cleaner fuel compared to diesel or petrol, but is not viable without subsidies.

The CNG taxis require space for the CNG tank, which will then compromise space for passengers’ luggage.

In 2011, the number of CNG taxis peaked at 2,836, which was about 10.5% of the taxi population.

By 2016, the numbers decreased to 1,000.

There were none left by the end of late last year.

Not the only one

You might think that there’s still a large number of drivers driving CNG cars.


But according to Land Transport Authority (LTA), CNG car population dropped from 2,706 in 2010 to just 1,000 late last year.

Not very impressive eh?

Furthermore, this trend is seen in buses as well. The number of CNG buses has fallen from 44 in 2010 to 13 late last year.

Image: SBS Transit


When CNG was introduced, I thought that Singapore was finally getting on track towards a greener city.

I guess reality is harsh enough for big players to step out of the game…

Let’s hope there’ll be better alternatives soon!

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