Complete Concise Guide to all Food Delivery Services in S’pore

You want food while you’re lazing out on your couch at home. But you know what’s the annoying part? Having to get dressed and to put your shoes on just to go out and makan.

Thank goodness there’s food delivery services here. It’s as if the restaurants know that we’re so lazy –  we’d just rather sulk at home than spend 20 minutes to get dressed.

How many food delivery services are offered in Singapore, really? Many.

Read on to learn more!



This service is not only available here you know, but also in London and other 11 countries. It covers halal and vegetarian meals. Delivery costs are at a flat S$3. The minimum order depends on the restaurant you pick.




Order food (and even groceries), and their delivery bee will send it over to your doorstep in an hour tops. While the company may have started off in Singapore, it has since branched off to Hong Kong, as well as 5 other Asian countries.

The best part of this made-in-Singapore firm? There’s no delivery charges. Yeah, FREE.

Being one of the newest player, they are now offering not just discounts but also a giveaway. Check this out!


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Food delivered by Uber drivers or on their own exclusive bikes. You can even make a payment using your Uber account. Delivery charge is S$3, with an average of 35 minutes for your meal to arrive. Halal and veggie meals supported.

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Halal On Click


You want local food and ASAP? Plus halal? Try the Malay dishes they have at a minimum order of only S$12. Delivery charges vary based on distance.


Food Matters


The meal delivery service which wants to bring healthy dishes to your doorstep. The menu, which is available at lunch time only, consists of six dishes. No delivery charges here, but the minimum order value is for S$40 monthly. Food is not halal, but vegetarian meals are available.




How can we not mention these guys? This is the very first independent food delivery service, which offers service 40 countries worldwide. Food delivery runs 24/7 on the island. The delivery charges and minimum order amount depend on the restaurant. Halal and vegetarian meals supported.


What to Eat


Same question when you want to order food right; what to eat??? The company delivers across the island, and has a delivery fee of S$3 and a minimum order benchmark at S$30. Vegetarian meals are supported.



Annnnd that’s it. So which is gonna be your pick for online food now?

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